ICIS Surfactants Virtual Conferences

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ICIS European Surfactants Virtual Conference

Connecting European Surfactants Professionals

26 - 28 October 2020 // 8:00am - 3:20pm BST // Online

The European surfactant industry continues to react to the volatile market conditions and shifting demand pattern caused by the pandemic. While the impacts have varied for specific application markets, certain macro-trends have emerged creating unique challenges and opportunities for the wider surfactant community.

Unsurprisingly, the shift in consumer behaviour has added more complexity to the European market, leading some within the industry to re-consider their sustainability priorities. The pressure to simplify product offerings continues to impact investment in product development and innovation, whilst logistical challenges have also encouraged a move towards creating more localised supply chains. Faced with these changes, ongoing economic concerns and increasing regulatory pressures, it’s never been more important for European Surfactant professionals to stay up-to date and informed.
As the disruption continues, market participants must find new ways to reconnect, interact and engage with peers, colleagues, and leaders across the sector. The ICIS European Surfactants Virtual Conference offers a unique opportunity to connect and gain expert insight from industry thought leaders.
To better understand how this will impact you and your business, sign-up now and join our community of global professionals as we assess the latest insights technology and regulation shaping the future of the Surfactants industry.
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The ICIS virtual event series are free to attend for this year only. Our objective is to support our audiences throughout this difficult time by providing a space to reconnect, engage and learn. As we move into 2021 we will bring back face to face events in a physical environment and will reintroduce ticket pricing. Take advantage now to build your network virtually and we will all meet again in the not too distant future.