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Nominate for The Tolley award for Outstanding Contribution to taxation in 2018/19

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This year it's your chance to help pick a winner!

We are introducing something new into the 2019 Taxation Awards.

In the last few years we have had three categories for individuals which have tended to overlap

• Tax personality of the year
• Tax writer of the year
• Tax commentator of the year

So this year we are going to merge these three categories into one new award:

The Tolley award for outstanding contribution to taxation in 2018/19

The award is open to all individuals working in UK tax. It could go to somebody who has made incisive analysis of tax matters in the media; a writer of well received books or articles; somebody in the public service or politics who has made a real impact; somebody who has been involved in ground-breaking tax litigation; or indeed anybody who has made their mark in any aspect of UK tax over the last year or so.

As this is a new category we are also going to use a new way to come up with the winner. Any member of the tax community can nominate an individual for the award. Please comment as to why you are nominating that individual – the suggested word limit is 500 words but if you want to use fewer words that is not a problem.

The judging panel will review the nominations and select a short list. You will then be able to vote via the website and the winner will be announced on the night.

You will not need the permission of anybody you wish to nominate before you put their name forward: once the short list is prepared the judges will approach the relevant individuals to confirm that they would be willing for their names to be put forward.

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Who you are nominating and why?: