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Wines of Great Britain -
Tasting and showcase

Wines of Great Britain recognises that the wine industry has a shared responsibility to minimise the impact on the environment due to the climate change emergency, and maximise its contribution to environmental conservation and biodiversity.  

Their mission is to establish Great Britain as a sustainable wine region of world renown, recognised and celebrated for the quality of its wines and visitor experiences.

The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) at the British Embassies in Copenhagen and Stockholm will host with Wines of Great Britain an exclusive wine tsting event.

During the event, 16 wine producers will showcase their wines to Danish and Swedish Trade contacts. 

This event is by invitation only.

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Copenhagen, Denmark
20 February 2024
British Embassy Copenhagen

Stockholm, Sweden
22 February 2024
British Ambassador’s Residence Stockholm

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Growing Green Together is a regional clean growth campaign from the UK's Department for Business and Trade in Europe spanning the Northern Europe & the Baltic region.

Growing Green Together website

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