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LIBOR Q1 Milestones Update
With the path now set for LIBOR ending, what milestones in the transition should the market be focusing on?

The end of Q1 2021 will see the end of £ LIBOR loans and linear derivatives.

If you want to better understand the path through the final chapter of LIBOR, join the NatWest team as they talk through what lies ahead, how it will work and what you should be considering.

Phil Lloyd and Jamie Thrower – who both have active roles in the £ Risk Free Rate working groups – along with Dave Halstead and Luke Hasham-Smith will all share their thoughts and insights about the months ahead.

We are hosting this webinar on Zoom so make sure to register in advance using the link 
on the right and add the details to your diary - please note, you don't need a Zoom account or app to take part.  

The NatWest Team

Event Details

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Timings (in GMT)
16:00 - Presentations
16:30 - Q&A
16:40 - Close

A recording of this webinar is available from this link
Click here 

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