The holder of an MSc in Autism and Related Conditions from Swansea University, Hazel is a race representative of the ABMU Health Stakeholder Reference group, the organiser of the first Festival of Autism Swansea in 2017, she has an Asperger’s husband, Asperger’s son, a daughter with permanent hearing impairment and her youngest son is on the autism assessment pathway.
As a multilingual autism specialist at Chinese-In-Wales-Association (CIWA), a charitable organisation whose ethos is to deliver services that will make a positive impact on the lives of ethnic Chinese residents, Hazel advocates for autistic people and their family and support professionals of how to more effectively assist their clients from Chinese ethnic minority. Additionally, Hazel is a passionate international autism speaker, a dedicated leader of a range of autism related workshops and wellbeing activities. She has a diverse range of skills and personal experience which give her a profound understanding of people with autistic conditions, and she is committed to working alongside them to make a positive impact.

Prior joining CIWA, Hazel has served as an interpreter in the public services, supporting and advocates for the Chinese living in the UK to overcome cultural and language barriers.