The ASC Resource Provision, is part of Wilmslow High School, a large mainstream school with over 2000 students. The RP evolved into the provision it is today in 2014, when Katie Goodwin took over. Forest School was introduced later that year as an alternative way of experiencing learning outside the classroom. It has a profound effect: “It is difficult to convey the impact these activities have had on my child’s self-image, confidence, social skills, learning and enjoyment of school.”
To ensure flexible, reactive and bespoke support, the team are in constant contact to ensure that everyone is well briefed on any trigger points and reduce meltdowns. This communication is extended into the home, with parents and carers being part of the team as well. According to one parent, “The resource is like a second family … the future is bright, that was unimaginable 4 years ago!”.

The team’s aim is to ensure students are as independent as possible, by the time they leave. A fully fitted, Life Skills flat and timetabled life skills trips, such as horse therapy, personal budgeting, independent travel training and orientating the local area, alongside academic lessons, has enabled the team to really prepare the students for adulthood.