Denise and Simon have achieved something quite phenomenal with The Inclusion Project: they saw the need of a genuine service for adults with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism. During his teaching career Simon had roles of Learning Disabilities Teacher and Specialist Careers Adviser/Co-ordinator for students with Autism. He took on another job in his ‘holidays’, evenings and weekends working in Supported Housing/Living. Simon was also (and has continued to) do voluntary work for the Special Olympics. He set up basketball teams he has taken to national finals and won and has single handed funded two Special Olympics basketball players living with Autism, to attend the World Games in Abu Dhabi this year, where they won Gold medals for Team GB. What sets Simon apart is he had this experience of what it is to live in society with LDs and/or Autism from perspectives of: education, employment, domestic living/housing, leisure/sporting activities. This unique vantage point coalesced to enable Simon to have the vision of The Inclusion Project. Denise, who is not only Simon’s colleague but Mother, has a Phd in Inclusion and has supported Simon from the very beginning. During the last year, Denise and Simon continue to change lives–so many of them–Participants and Staff. The Inclusion Project has created work for a hundred Staff in providing opportunities for Participants. Staff are paid way above the Living Wage and consequently we keep good staff and can provide consistency/continuity of service for Participants. Denise and Simon are devoted to making the lives of people with LDs and/or Autism self-determining so they can lead lives they choose to.