A small team runs this scheme, launched in 2015, from a partnership of our four local authorities, Autism Hampshire and volunteers from NAS South Hampshire Branch and Hampshire Autism Voice. It has no dedicated funding; only existing due to much goodwill and help-in-kind.

Over 840 Autism Ambassadors now spread the understanding of autism to work and community colleagues, family and friends. Thousands of people, who previously knew little about autism, now better understand and support the needs of local autistic people, enabling them to have a voice. Ambassadors identify and influence adjustments to work processes and practices, the environment (at work and in the community), and support and recognise how people engage and communicate.

Our enthusiastic Ambassadors, many of whom meet up at our annual conference, come from health and social care, emergency services, medical centres, leisure facilities, local charities, community groups, shops, job centres, citizens advice, youth organisations, libraries, local businesses, legal services, housing associations and more, and there are Ambassadors in over 180 local schools and colleges. A number of Ambassadors are autistic themselves or are family members of an autistic person.