‘Every child is unique with different needs that must be supported’ is the approach adopted by the team at the award-winning, Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Westwood Day Nursery in Coventry.
Stepping in after other early years providers have refused entry to children, and in the absence of a formal diagnosis or assessment, the dedicated and highly trained Westwood practitioners developed action plans to nurture talent and support weaknesses.

They take a holistic approach to supporting both the child and their parents by pinpointing appropriate support groups and organisations and advocating for external specialist support and funding to ensure children with special or additional needs are visible to local authorities.

Manager Martina Reidy said: “With our help, parents recognize that the milestones for development and achievement may change but the goal is the same – ensuring their child is given every opportunity to realise their full potential.”
“It is impossible to describe our joy at seeing a child who started with 10 minute sessions in nursery, settle into four afternoon sessions a week before making a confident transition to school recently.”