Innovation Day Singapore 2023 


There’s no time to spare. Staying competitive in today’s business environment — and creating a more sustainable world — involves going all in on digitization.  Here’s the good news: Everything you need to accelerate your transition to digitalelectric energy is available right now.​

Innovation Day Singapore 2023 is where Schneider Electric, our customers, and our partners explore options, roll up our sleeves, and take action — together.

We have shown you how to design sustainable net-zero-energy data centers. How to build office buildings that use 90% less energy. How to operate and maintain a new or decades-old factory so that it becomes one of the most efficient and reliable on Earth.

We're doing all this alongside our partners and customers. And you can, too. It's time to learn from one another and collaborate on new ideas together. After all, no one innovates alone.​

You have met the experts and see the software and technologies making the digital, electric world a reality across buildings, data centers, industry, and infrastructure. 

The innovations are here. The time is now. Thank you to those who have participated in Innovation Day Singapore 2023.

Advancing Singapore Towards Net Zero

Event has ended.

As part of our Golden Jubilee celebrations, this year's event holds special significance. We will reflect on our 50 years of innovation and reaffirm our commitment to realizing a more sustainable future. The theme, "Advancing Singapore Towards Net Zero," encapsulates our shared vision of achieving a greener, more efficient, and environmentally responsible future for our city.

This event is part of Go Green SG 2023 (Formerly known as Climate Action Week). 

Interactive Breakout Sessions 


We had 5 engaging breakout sessions that offer a deep dive into industry-specific challenges, solutions, and innovation. 

Road to Net Zero for Energies & Chemicals Industry

Discover the strategies, technologies, and best practices driving the Energies & Chemicals industry towards achieving Net Zero emissions. Explore innovative solutions, learn from industry experts, and understand how sustainable practices can revolutionize the sector.

Pathways to Net Zero Carbon Buildings

Uncover the latest advancements in building technologies and practices that contribute to Net Zero Carbon Buildings. Dive into discussions on energy efficiency, green building design, and retrofitting of existing buildings for net zero emmissions. Learn from experts who are transforming the landscape for a greener built environment

Future-proof your Industrial Manufacturing

Explore the challenges and opportunities in future-proofing industrial manufacturing processes. Discover how digital transformation, automation, and sustainability practices can drive operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and reduce environmental impact. Gain insights from industry leaders who are shaping the future of manufacturing.

Greening Lifesciences Industry


Delve into the intersection of sustainability and the lifesciences industry. Learn about energy optimization, resource efficiency, and sustainable practices that can drive positive change in lifesciences industry. Engage in discussions with experts who are championing sustainability in the lifesciences sector.

Road to Net Zero for Data Center

Uncover the strategies and technologies paving the way towards Net Zero in data centers. Gain insights into decarbonisation strategies, energy-efficient infrastructure, and effective cooling solutions that can significantly reduce carbon emissions. Learn from industry pioneers who are revolutionizing data center sustainability.