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Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards 2023


The Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards are an opportunity to recognise and promote excellence in technology and innovation, commitment to sustainability and SME success in the Franco-British business community.

Run as a collaboration between the Commercial Section of the British Embassy in Paris and the Franco-British Chamber, our Awards celebrate commercial and economic success stories between France and the United Kingdom across strategic sectors, underlining shared business priorities and partnerships as a key part of the Franco-British bilateral relationship.

Companies of all sizes and from across the UK and France are encouraged to apply for our Awards. Businesses need to demonstrate commercial success and a commitment to Franco-British business ties. The Jury will look to reward both large and small businesses’ success stories in terms of cross-Channel trade and investment.

To mark the upcoming 120-year anniversary of the Entente Cordiale, current 150-year anniversary of the Chamber and following a historic UK-France Summit in March 2023, this year our Awards have a special focus on Franco-British partnerships. Any UK or French company committed to bolstering bilateral business ties between the UK and France is encouraged to apply for the special Franco-British Partnerships Award. 

The 2023 Award categories are the following:

    A judging panel including members of the Commercial Section of the British Embassy in Paris, the Franco-British Chamber and our sponsors will assess applications in November 2023.

    Our Awards Ceremony will take place at the British Ambassador's Residence in Paris on 6 December 2023, under the presidency and patronage of Dame Menna Rawlings, His Majesty's Ambassador to France and Françoise Rausch, President of the Franco-British Chamber.

    Who should apply

    To be eligible for the Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards you need to meet the following general criteria, in addition to the individual criteria for each category:

    • Your company must have an HQ in France or the UK.
    • Your company should have a relationship to both France and the UK, either through exports, investment, business operations or R&D.
    • Your business must have been registered for at least two years.
    • You must agree to the full Terms and Conditions set out here.

    We encourage as many Franco-British businesses to apply as possible. This is a chance to showcase your success, growth and potential.

    Click here for more information about the application process and timeline.

    Award Categories

    Technology and Innovation Award

    The Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards will celebrate innovation across all economic sectors in the UK and France. Companies of all sizes and in any sector are encouraged to apply, so long as they are champions of innovation as well as advocates of technology and new talent in France and the UK.

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    Sustainability Award

    The Sustainability Award will be presented to a company that is committed to cleaner economic growth, through either low carbon technologies or the sustainable use of resources. Read more...

    The SME of the Year Award

    The SME of the Year Award recognises a company that has successfully exported or invested into the French or British market for the first time. In spite of the challenges of global economic difficulties, companies remain committed to exploring the French and UK markets. Recent trade figures demonstrate green shoots and causes for optimism, both in terms of cross-Channel exports and investment.

    Franco-British Partnership Award

    The Franco-British Partnerships Award will recognise a vibrant and successful initiative focussed on Franco-British cooperation. We are looking for initiatives that foster bilateral ties by building on shared interests and values.   

    2022 Edition

    In 2022, we received 44 applications across four categories, from businesses of many sizes based across France and the UK. The nominees ranged from large corporates to small businesses and start-ups, with representation from the English regions and Scotland: 


    • Clean Growth – Winner: Lhyfe, Runner-Up: GlaxoSmith Kline 

    • Technology & Innovation – Winner: OnePlan, Runner-Up: CTIBiotech 

    • SME of the Year – Winner: Sesame Access and Accès +, Runner-Up: Paxman Coolers 

    • Levelling-Up Award – Winner: Loxam, Runner-Up: Infotel UK 

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