What to expect from this event

The eTwinning Onsite Course aims to equip teachers working in secondary education and initial vocational education and training (IVET) with innovative teaching methods, pedagogical approaches, and technological tools to enhance the quality of their teaching and meet the changing demands of the labour market. The workshop will emphasise the need for secondary and IVET education to embrace innovation and promote transversal skills, entrepreneurship, and inclusivity and how eTwinning can support this. In specific, the objectives of the workshop entail:  

  • understanding the importance of innovation in secondary education and IVET and its potential impact on learners and the labour market. 

  • learning about new teaching methods, pedagogical approaches, and technological tools that can enhance the quality of secondary education and IVET.  

  • gaining practical skills and knowledge and exploring concrete steps to enhance innovation in secondary and IVET teaching and learning. 

  • exchanging ideas and experiences with other secondary and IVET teachers and experts in the field.  

The first day of the event will be open for public. You can download the agenda here: eTwinning Onsite Course for Teachers, AGENDA DAY 1


Join the public Live Stream of Day 1 on Thursday 28 September at 15:00 CEST HERE

The onsite professional development workshop will be opened by collegaues from the Slovakian Ministry of Education, CSS and NSO.

The event’s first keynote speech will be delivered by Olívia Hurbanová, who will share her views on Intellectual Humility and Positive Skepticism. The keynote speech will be followed by a question and answer session. 

The live stream of the event will also cover the first part of the eTwinning European Prize Award Ceremony. During the ceremony, 3 of the winning eTwinning projects will be highlighted, and their success will be celebrated with the community. 

Day 2 and 3 are filled with parallel workshops, keynotes and panel discussion that are available for registered participants. Contact your National Support Organisation for more details. 


Agenda of Day 1