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Blue Bridge

Connecting Chilean innovative companies with UK's aquaculture industry

Blue Bridge

Connecting Chilean Innovative companies with the UK's aquaculture industry

If you are a Chilean company provider of innovative solutions for the aquaculture industry, this programme is for you!

Winners will participate in a 6 - month soft landing programme with personalised support, market introductions and a trade mission to AquacultureUK 2024 in Scotland.


As the aquaculture industry continues its rapid global expansion, embracing cutting-edge technology has become pivotal for sustainable growth.

With the UK aquaculture industry poised for remarkable growth and the Chilean supply chain demonstrating remarkable strength, we are introducing the Blue Bridge initiative, a programme designed for Chilean companies looking at expanding their operations and ground-breaking innovations to the UK.

The Department for Business and Trade extends an open invitation to all eligible Chilean companies to win a bespoke soft landing programme, plane tickets to Scotland, and an exclusive opportunity to participate in AquacultureUK 2024.

Discover more below and take the first step towards an exciting new chapter of growth and collaboration!

Key dates


  • 27th September 2023 – 22nd October: Applications open for companies
  • 23rd October 2023 – 27th October: Evaluation of candidates
  • 31st October 2023: Announcement of winners
  • November 2023 – April 2024: Soft-landing
  • May 2024: 5 - day trip to Scotland and AquacultureUK 2024

What would you get?

By participating in this programme, Chilean companies will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the Scottish aquaculture sector, form strategic partnerships with Scottish companies, and access a diversified and growing market.

The programme will be delivered in two stages:

Stage 1: Softlanding: During a 6-month period, you will learn all you need to know to set up your business in the UK, tailored to your specific needs. During the first couple of months, you will have weekly sessions that will provide you all the knowledge you need to successfully establish a UK presence.

As we get closer to the trade mission, you will receive tailored support crafting a UK Go-to-Market strategy, PR support and preparation for your participation in AquacultureUK 2024.

Modules will include:

Module 1: Introductions and Programme Overview: Program kick-off, welcome session, overview, objective setting, and tailored assessments for each company.

Module 2: Deep Dive into the UK Aquaculture Ecosystem: Expert partners will provide insights into the UK aquaculture ecosystem, emphasising opportunities within the supply chain.

Module 3: Establishing Your Presence in the UK: Navigate the legal landscape, understand business structures, conduct operations in the UK, explore tax considerations, including incentives, and address visa and migration requirements.

Module 4: Raising Capital in the UK: Gain comprehensive knowledge of the investment landscape, including non-dilutive options such as grants and subsidies.

Module 5: Crafting Your Go-to-Market Strategy: Partnering with an external consultant companies will get support to develop a robust strategy for successful market entry.

Module 6: Preparing for Aquaculture UK 2024: Fine-tune the crucial details for a successful week, including securing press coverage, refining pitches, and panel preparation.

Stage 2: Trade mission to Scotland: In a 5-day agenda, you will have the opportunity to meet key stakeholders, including research centres, universities, local governments, trade associations, and major companies in different cities thorough the UK.

You will also participate in AquacultureUK 2024, where you will have the opportunity to meet business partners, showcase your innovation in a panel and participate in a VIP dinner.

What costs does the British Government cover?

  • Round flight ticket from Chile to the UK for one person in each company.
  • Internal flights/trains between cities in the UK.
  • An opportunity to showcase your innovation in a panel in AquacultureUK 2024
  • Participation in the AquacultureUK 2024 VIP dinner


(*) Companies should cover their own accommodation, taxis, meals and travel insurance.

(**) Please be aware that all sessions and trade mission will be delivered in English.

Eligibility Criteria

In the application form, companies will be asked to provide evidence that they meet the following criteria:

Chilean Company: Eligibility for Chilean innovative companies with a strong track record and presence in the domestic market. In particular, we are looking for companies vertically integrated into the aquaculture supply chain, including technology providers, equipment manufacturers, service providers, and others.

Proven Market Innovation: Companies with demonstrated innovative technologies or solutions that have been successfully implemented and proven in the local market and with potential to be scaled and adapted to meet the demands of the UK market.

Sustainability Focus: Companies with a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, aligned with the UK's focus on sustainability in aquaculture.

Establish a UK presence: Companies actively seeking international expansion opportunities and aiming to establish a physical presence in the UK.

Diversity and Inclusion: Companies that value diversity and inclusion within their organisation and can contribute to the UK's diverse business landscape.


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