What to expect from this event

In response to the importance of students’ role at school, the conference focuses on the idea of students as agents of change. By acknowledging students as the protagonists of their educational path, we aim to explore how empowering students can not only enhance their well-being but also add to the overall quality of our educational communities. The eTwinning School annual conference serves as a starting point for discussions where educators come together to plan, learn, and support a student-centered approach. 

Throughout the conference, the shared goal is to equip participants with tools, methodologies and strategies to build resilience in their students and support their growth as agents of change.  

The various activities of the conference will explore new ideas, share good practices, and show a future where education is more than just a way to succeed – it's a transformative experience for every student to become an engaged and responsible citizen. 

In this conference, participants will: 

  • Reflect on the pedagogical elements of the eTwinning School Mission. 

  • Foster a deep understanding of and commitment to the concept of students as agents of change. 

  • Explore the concept of “engagement in learning” and its impact on daily school practice. 

  • Investigate how emphasizing students' agency can lead to higher levels of satisfaction for all schools’ actors. 

  • Study strategies and initiatives to improve students’ well-being and empowerment. 

  • Share best practices and practical examples where students’ agency is part of the school culture. 


Follow the streaming of the open session of Day 1 on Wednesday 29 May at 15:00 CET HERE!