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The one place to find all the information about FIN - upcoming events, partners, and photos from past editions. Whether you’re from creative, studio operations, or a management & executive team, we’ve got something for you. Dive into the world of e-commerce photo studio technologies and see how you can embrace them to boost your business.

About Future is Now event

FIN Studio Event is a free educational event that provides insight into the latest e-commerce photo studio technology and workflow tools globally implemented by studios of all sizes. 

It’s an open house-style event where all attendees can meet the industry's leading providers of hardware and software studio solutions and exchange experiences.

Upcoming events
and transform your workflow for good

FIN Studio Event is the go-to experience for those who want to create stunning visual content and enhance their online shopping experiences without second-guessing their decisions. This is an Open House style event. Spend an hour or spend the day!

New York
September 14th
Los Angeles
November 14th

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