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Electrical Power Diagnostic Testing Webinar Series
May 5 – June 16, 2020
Every Tuesday and Thursday @2:00 pm EDT (same as NYC)
United States

Please join us for a series of 13 interactive webinars with jam-packed content direct from our OMICRON Academy.  The instructors will be combining theory and real-world experience as they progress through best practices and methods for testing power substations, instrument transformers, circuit breakers, rotating machines, line and ground impedance.  We will be responding to written questions throughout the instructor’s presentation and take time for your verbal questions with the instructor at the end of each session.

The OMICRON Academy focuses on providing an “Engineer’s Playground” to allow you to learn in a safe environment.  With the current situations, we invite you to migrate your learning to our virtual online playground.

Certificates will only be provided to those who are registered and attend.
These training events are eligible for NETA Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs). 


Cost: $90 per session (at no charge for this initial event)


We also offer customized training (in-person or online). We build courses around your requirements, such as training content, location, and number of participants. Email us to get a quote.

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