Our 2021 Annual Conference is a special expanded event which will include a total of 60 sessions taking place over four days. Within these 60 sessions are 27 sessions that were intended to take place in 2020, but will be accommodated within the 2021 Annual Conference instead. These 27 sessions from 2020 will not be calling for papers. 31 of the 33 newly selected sessions will be calling for papers for the 2021 Annual Conference.

IMPORTANT UPDATE [September 2020]
After much discussion and deliberation the Association for Art History has decided to convert the 2021 Annual Conference from a hybrid event to a fully virtual event. Our decision comes on the back of ongoing uncertainty regarding COVID-19, and follows the UK government’s recent announcement to remain working from home for the next 6 months, where possible. Our primary focus is the safety and well-being of our Annual Conference participants, prospective delegates and staff. Whilst it’s disappointing not to be able to bring people together in person to share research and exchange ideas we are very excited about doing this virtually instead. We are looking forward to hosting an expanded event and engaging with even more people, and even more international research.

The 2021 Annual Conference was expanded to a four day event to accommodate sessions from this year’s conference which was cancelled. The 2021 conference will still take place over four days, from 14 – 17 April, and we will continue to work with the Department of Art History, Curating and Visual Studies at the University of Birmingham, and with museums and galleries in Birmingham. Session Convenors and speakers will be invited to participate and present their papers digitally, and participate in digital session discussions and debates on-screen, using a secure virtual event platform that will allow delegates maximum access to papers and discussions. Session and paper formats will remain the same, and the four-day programme will continue to offer a range of additional workshops, virtual tours, keynote lectures and networking opportunities for delegates to engage with. We will be conscious of international time differences and screen-fatigue, but aim to offer delegates the same quality of content and experience that people have come to expect, respect and enjoy at an Association for Art History Annual Conference.

In light of this decision, we have extended our Call for Papers by 2 weeks to Monday 2 November 2020.


Click on a session below to view. Sessions in orange are 'Calling for Papers'.

Please email your paper proposals direct to the session convenor(s) using this form. You need to provide a title and abstract (250 words maximum) for a 25-minute paper (unless otherwise specified), your name and institutional affiliation (if any). Please make sure the title is concise and reflects the contents of the paper because the title is what appears online, in social media and in the printed programme. You should receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your submission within two weeks.



Art Disputes: Conflict and competition across the ages (Edward Payne & Bernadette Petti)

Art History, Theory and Practice for an Ecological Emergency (Lucy Whelan & Andrew Patrizio) CALLING FOR ONE PAPER

Art into Pop (Redux) (Gavin Butt)

Art, Obscurity, and the Politics of Rescue (Flora Dunster & Amy Tobin)

Challenging Legacies in Post-Colonial and Post-Socialist Notions of Place (Karen von Veh & Landi Raubenheimer) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Challenging Orientalism: New questions of perception and reception (Emily Christensen & Erica Payet) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Changing Approaches to Histories of British Art, 1660-1735 (Claudine van Hensbergen & Lydia Hamlett)

Climates of Colonalism (Gabrielle Moser & Julia Lum)

Connectivity, Transcultural Entanglements, and the Power of Aesthetic Choices in Africa (Abidemi Babatunde Babalola & Vera-Simone Schulz) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Contemporary Art, Health & Medicine (Imogen Wiltshire & Fiona Johnstone) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Craft and War (Jennifer Way)

Exhibiting Craft: Histories, contexts, practices (Claire Jones & Inês Jorge) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Exiled and Female: Visualising identity in the work of women artists (Carmen Gaitán Salinas & Mari Paz Balibrea) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Female Art Dealers in mid-Twentieth-Century Britain (Abi Shapiro and Sarah Victoria Turner) CALLING FOR PAPERS

From Canvas to Stage: The visual artist as opera scenographer (Hannah Chan-Hartley and Corrinne Chong) CALLING FOR PAPERS

From Keeper to Maker: British curatorial practices (Massimiliano Papini, Laia Anguix & Elisabetta Fabrizi)

Global Art History and the Imbalance of Power (Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, Stacey Kennedy & Azadeh Sarjoughian) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Graphically Graphic Art: The making of modern print erotica 1850-1950 (Abbey Rees-Hales & Camilla Smith) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Hybrid Marines (Bryan Biggs & Gabriel Gee)

Museums for the Global Majority: Expanding the limits of museum practice (Maryam Ohadi-Hamadani & Jennifer Reynolds-Kaye)

Mysticism and the Visual Arts (Elliott D Wise & Ingrid Falque) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Political Appropriations (Lara Perry & Elke Krasny)

Pre-Modern Women as Artists, Patrons and Collectors (Jamie Edwards, Elizabeth L'Estrange & Edward Wouk) CALLING FOR PAPERS 

Provincializing Impressionism (Samuel Raybone) CALLING FOR PAPERS

'Queer' 'British' 'Art' (Theo Gordon)

Race and Representation in the French Colonial Empire (Suannah Blair & Stephanie O'Rourke) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Re-writing the Canon: New directions in art writing (Sophie Hatchwell & Sam Rose) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Reanimating the Past: Embodied knowledge as art-historical method (Juliet Bellow & Meredith Martin) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Representing the Nation: The historic and continuing role of National Art Institutitions (Neil Lebeter & Freya Spoor)

Revisiting Philistinism (Malcolm Quinn, Gail Day, Frances Hatherley & Dave Beech)

Smell and Stereotype in 18th and 19th-Century Visual Culture (Ersy Contogouris & Érika Wicky) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Surrealism and Scotland (Patricia Allmer, Gráinne Rice & Susannah Thompson) 

Surrealism in 1960s and 1970s Latin America (Paulina Caro Troncoso) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Tales of Emergence. Establishing institutions for contemporary art since 1945 (Wouter Davidts & members of KB45) - WITHDRAWN

The Big Data Archive: Digitising Ed Ruscha’s Streets of Los Angeles (Nathaniel Deines & Zanna Gilbert) CALLING FOR PAPERS

The Big Screen: Art History and British Cinema (Mark Hallett & Lynda Nead) CALLING FOR PAPERS - SESSION SPONSORED BY THE PAUL MELLON CENTRE

The Book of the Future: Photobooks between disciplines (Fiona Allen, Simon Constantine & Daniel Hartley)

The Laws that Bind Us (Ashley Gallant& Estelle Derclaye) CALLING FOR PAPERS

The Plantation Complex (Emilia Terracciano & Anna Arabindan-Kesson) CALLING FOR PAPERS

The Visual Politics of Independent Print Media in the 20th Century (Louise Siddons & Victoria Bazin)

Theatre, Art and Visual Culture in the 19th Century (Patricia Smyth, Jim Davies, Kate Newey & Kate Holmes)

Toxic Masculinity (Classical to Contemporary) (Lucy Weir & Carol Richardson)

Troubling Borders: Art worlds in the sites of conflict (Edwin Coomasaru, Sarah Keller & Rachel Warriner)

Video Art and Africa (Katarzyna Falęcka & Gabriella Nugent) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Visual Art and the Middlebrow (Michael Clegg & Rebecca Savage) CALLING FOR PAPERS

Walking on Images (Michael Tymkiw)

Working Together to Expand the Pool of Art History Students (Hilary Robinson & Edward Wouk) (Workshop)









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