Congress 2021 Trade Partners

Session Sponsorship

We can offer you sponsorship of each virtual scientific session where your company logo will be displayed at the start and end of the session.

Your logo and links to your website will appear on this website as a sponsor. 

£100 per session

Interactive Sessions

You may wish to host your own live interactive session open to all delegates to join you for a presentation, Q&A or demonstration.

Each will be one hour in duration and will be scheduled over the period of the Congress. Your company logo and links to your website will appear on this website in our Virtual Exhibition. 

£500 per session

Flash Trade presentations

We will be hosting two flash trade presentation sessions at the start of the conference.

Our virtual Flash Trade will be 2 minutes per company and are an ideal opportunity to let delegates know about your latest products and innovations and invite them to join your live interactive discussions if you are hosting any. 

Programme Advertising

We will be publishing a virtual handbook this year in which you are able to advertise. This handbook will be available to all delegates for download.  Each advert will have active links to your website.

Delegate Virtual Treasure Hunt

To encourage delegates to interact with you at any interactive sessions you host or via the Virtual Exhibition,  we will run a Virtual Treasure Hunt. For a small fee, to support a delegate prize, you can submit a question about your company or one of your products that delegates can get the answer to by joining one of your sessions, visiting your website or the Virtual Exhibition. 


Our Trade Partners & Sponsors

Details of our Trade Partners and Sponsors will be available in the virtual exhibition during Congress 2021