Confronting inequalities and advancing inclusion, peace, and SDG16


What linkages are there with confronting inequalities and peace? What evidence, experiences, and stories are there of advancing inclusion as a path to peace? How integrated are either into current peacebuilding practice, and, should they be? SDG16 “seeks to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.” Is striving to implement SDG16 helping build peace? How could it do so better? What are we learning?


Online Workshops

The Online Workshops for the thematic track "Confronting inequalities and advancing inclusion, peace, and SDG16" will be available to attend online during Geneva Peace Week. Click below to view the agenda, and be sure to register to attend once our registration process launches.

Digital Series Content list

The Digital Series thematic track "Confronting inequalities and advancing inclusion, peace, and SDG16" will be available to access on this page and the Geneva Peace Week app during and after GPW21.

Please see the Digital Series Content list for this track:


  • Video: "Exploring Patterns in Child Recruitment and Retention of Violent Extremist Groups in Africa and Pathways for Preventative Efforts" 
  • Video: "Sustaining peace through decent work: The role of social partners and social dialogue" 
  • Video: "Sí matan" 
  • Podcast: "Inclusive reintegration programming; participation of children and youth formerly associated with armed forces and armed groups as a cornerstone for long-lasting peace" 
  • Podcast: "A Pathway for Peace? Federalism, Fragility and Peacebuilding" 
  • Podcast: "Promoting inclusive peace building and sustainable peace efforts in Colombia" 
  • Video: "What unites us / Geneva-Peace-Africa" 
  • Video: "Strengthening Infrastructures for Peace in the Era of COVID-19: Towards Resilient Locally-Informed Solutions for Sustaining Peace"

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