Digital Series: Building a culture of peace

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My Land Lives in Me: Applying an embodied filmic reflection process in refugee contexts

This video was created by People Beyond Borders, Círculos de Hospitalidade.


The documentary ‘My land lives in me’ weaves a deeply personal journey with reflections and stories from the front lines of forced displacement aiming to humanise the narrative around refugees and migrants. This digital product is an invitation to see complex global issues and the predicament of marginalized communities not as a series of isolated events, taking place in distant lands, but rather as a living part of our interconnected world.

Bruna Kadletz - Co-founder of Círculos de Hospitalidade
Prerna Rathi - Co-founder of People Beyond Borders

Rethinking Peacebuilding through Science Fiction

This video was created by International Christian University, Generation of Legacies (NGO), Rotary Peace Center in Japan.


This session will discuss the outcomes of 50+ very successful "sci-fi peace films" in Japan. The purpose of this project was to enable students, scholars, and practitioners to rethink peace centered dialogue in the form of film. This project engages over 100 youth and sets a more interlinked type of agenda; it helps bring the older and younger generation much closer. Additionally, the adaptation component of the project bridges both western and non-western narratives together. The take aways will include: 1) different peace interpretations of conflict from a cross cultural perspectives, 2) space can be a vital key point for peacebuilding 3) science fiction potential throughout peacebuilding narratives.

Christopher Simons - International Christian University 
Elizabeth Katherine Gamarra  - MEXT Fellow and Rotary Peace Fellow (17-20)
Toshiki Narushima 

Trust and peacebuilding through traditional culture, art and religious rituals

This video was created by Islamic Relief, Imam Ali's Popular Students Relief Society, GWED-G (with Diakonia). 


This 20-minute video documentary explores how traditional culture, art, music and religious rituals may be used to engage women, youth and socially marginalised groups in building trust, peace and reconciliation in communities affected by poverty, injustice and conflict.

Sylvia Brown, Islamic Relief Worldwide
Mahya Vahedi, Imam Ali's Popular Students Relief Society
Morteza Baluch, Imam Ali's Popular Students Relief Society
Roya Manouchehri, Imam Ali's Popular Students Relief Society
Aljun M. Dian, Islamic Relief The Philippines
Pamela Angwech Judith, GWED-G
George Pelle, GWED-G
Annabel Ogwang, Diakonia
Noraisa Kudarat Abdullah, Islamic Relief The Philippines
Ridwan Miftakhul Rochman, Islamic Relief Indonesia

The protection of cultural heritage in conflict situations: an opportunity for peace?

This video was created by Fight for Humanity, ALIPH foundation.


In this video, Alexandra Fiebig, Project Manager at the ALIPH Foundation and Anki Sjöberg, Co-Director at Fight for Humanity give concrete examples of projects protecting cultural heritage sites and artefacts in Syria including in Raqqa and in the North East part of the country.  They also analyse how vital it is to preserve and promote this heritage, not only for its historical values but also for its unifying power.  By promoting the common heritage of different communities living in a same region, these protection projects contribute to peace-building efforts and a better social cohesion.

Alexandra Fiebig, Project Manager at the ALIPH Foundation
Anki Sjöberg, Co-Director at Fight for Humanity

Museums and Peacebuilding in a post-COVID 19 world

This video was created by The Peace Museum Bradford (UK), the Johannesburg Holocaust&Genocide Center (South Africa), the NEVER AGAIN Association (Poland).


How can museums go beyond collecting the stories of peace to dealing with contemporary challenges and undertaking peacebuilding work? How can museums be a safe space for dialogue about pressing contemporary issues in the context of the covid-19 crisis? The video explores the ways in which museums can deepen and elaborate their peacebuilding work in turbulent times, presenting examples from the Peace Museum Bradford, the UK, the Johannesburg Holocaust&Genocide Center, South Africa, and the project of NEVER AGAIN for non-governmental organisations and museums in Southeast Asia.

Tali Nates, the founder and director of the Johannesburg Holocaust&Genocide Center, South Africa
Shannen Johnson, Learning and Engagement Officer, the Peace Museum Bradford, the UK
Charlotte Hall, Curator, the Peace Museum Bradford, the UK
Natalia Sineaeva-Pankowska, Educator and Project Coordinator, the NEVER AGAIN Association, Poland


EduPeace Discussion

This podcast was produced by Direct Democracy Global, Cordoba Peace Institute Geneva, GenerationForPeace.