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Harnessing the
economy for peace


The confluence of COVID19 with multiple other man-made or natural disasters are fostering ever deeper economic crises in ever more countries. At the same time, geo-strategic shifts are shaping competitive dynamics between market systems not seen since the Cold War. In the face of these rapid transformations, the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform convenes a discussion about harnessing market forces for peace and asks if and how corporations should step up their game to ensure for-profit investments also play a bigger role in generating social benefits and inclusive economic growth.

GPP initiates a cross-cutting exchange on "Harnessing the economy for peace" in order to  encourage the research and policy community in Geneva and beyond to step out of their silos and explore new policy connections across institutions and sectors. By bringing together the substantive inputs proposed by several session organisers this exchange aims to share information about innovative practices and research findings, to gather the elements for a prospective policy agenda and to shape ideas for cross-cutting community curation in 2021.

The sessions and briefings in this thematic track feed into the GPW Global Town Hall Meeting, "Harnessing the economy for peace: Elements for a new policy agenda". This session draws together the discussions of the briefings in a 'town-all' style digital event with a forward looking forward to gathering the elements for a prospective policy agenda and ideas for a collaborative exchange in 2021. The Town Hall took place on Thursday, 5 November, 15.00-16.45 CET. 

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Digital Series

The Digital Series thematic track "Harnessing the economy for peace" will be available to access on this page and the Geneva Peace Week app during and after GPW20. To interact with the content producers through the Geneva Peace Week mobile app, you must register by clicking on the ‘Register Here’ button below. 

Content List

Video: “Visual Voices - Community Perspective on Business and Peace”  by Creative Alternatives Now (CAN)

Video: “Female Leadership, Techno-entrepreneurship, and Peace” by Uppsala Rotary Peace Center, AI for PEACE, Moonshot CVE, Beyond Conflict

Podcast: “Entrepreneurship for peace: The role of start-ups and female leadership in economic transformation    “ by SaferGlobe