Harnessing the digital sphere for peace


The impact of artificial intelligence, cyber operations, and digital technology was already growing in the field of peace and security before COVID19. What new risks and new opportunities are there in working for peace digitally? Can peace be built online? Is the digital space bringing us closer; closer to peace, or simply closer to war? How are government, civil society, and private actors facing these challenges? How are humanitarian actors, development agencies, human rights activists, and peace builders managing (or not) to harness the digital sphere?


Online Workshops

The Online Workshops for the thematic track "Harnessing the digital sphere for peace" will be available to attend online during Geneva Peace Week. Click below to view the agenda, and be sure to register to attend once our registration process launches.


Digital Series Content list


The Digital Series thematic track "Harnessing the digital sphere for peace" will be available to access on this page and the Geneva Peace Week app during and after GPW21. 

Please see the Digital Series Content list for this track:


  • Podcast: "Assessing the risks of climate change related conflict: How to improve approaches for and strengthen    collaboration within the field of climate security modelling?" 
  • Podcast: "Digital Pieces of Peace – Do No Harm, Conflict Sensitivity and Data Responsibility in the Digital Age" 
  • Video: "Living Together: Using Interfaith short films in peacebuilding"

    To view the full content list for the GPW21 Digital Series please, click below.