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Hybrid Sessions | In-person 

Join us for one of the following 'Hybrid Sessions', in the Maison de la Paix, Geneva:

  • Geneva Peace Week Opening Ceremony, 1 November 2021, 16:00 CET 
  • Kofi Annan Geneva Peace Address, 4 November 2021, 18:00 CET 
  • Geneva Peace Week Closing Ceremony, 5 November 2021, 13:30 CET

The Opening Ceremony speakers will include featured speakers like the Chef du Département fédéral des Affairs étrangères, Ignazio Cassis, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva, Tatiana Valovaya, and others. A reception will be held after the Opening Ceremony, hosted by the Swiss Confederation, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, and the City of Geneva. 

The Inaugural Kofi Annan Geneva Peace Address will be delivered by Nobel Laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and the Closing Ceremony will conclude the week by drawing out key insights that emerged from the Online Workshops and Digital Series contributions. 

Interpretation services will be provided for French and English speakers during the Ceremonies. If you require interpretation, please ensure that you bring headphones.


A Serious Game: an educational Escape Game on migration | In-person


This experience is part of a project led by a team of students and teachers from a high school in Geneva that worked on the Sustainable development goal n°16 (Peace, justice and strong institutions). They developed an immersive game to raise awareness on the issues relating to migration.

The objective of the Escape Game is to put the participants, during one hour, in the shoes of people who have been forced to flee their country (at war or due to other circumstances) and seek to come to Switzerland. Understanding a migratory trajectory implies a shift, an immersion, an active confrontation to real life situations, and in this sense an educational Escape Game is an exceptional tool to bring the participants to experience forced displacement with its share of constraints and possible outcomes. The game reveals certain specificities of this type of migration and brings participants to communicate and collaborate to complete the challenges and use interpersonal skills to pacify social bonds. At the end of the Escape Game, participants are asked to debrief with the organizers to come back to various issues (30 minutes): the absence of peace as a factor of migration; the various legal statuses; the importance of institutions as actors facilitating (or slowing down) human mobility.

Sign-up alone or with colleagues to experience an educational Escape Game on migration imagined and led by high-school students from Geneva!

The schedule:

  • Tuesday 2 November 2021: 8:00-9:45 
  • Wednesday 3 November 2021: 8:00-09:45, 12:00-13:45, 14:15-16:00
  • Friday 5 November 2021: 8:00-09:45, 11:45-13:30

The session will take place in-person, in Geneva. Participation is limited to 6 people per session. Learn more about the session and register by clicking on the "Registration" button below.


Digital Marketplace | Online

Tuesday 2 November, 12:30 - 13:20 CET


This is a digital space for “Other Conversations”. A zoom meeting will be organized with various breakout sessions that people can choose to pop into and stay for as long as they like. This is free-flowing and will allow people to check out various organizations and conversations. We will take 6-8 organizations/ discussions and create another 4 open break-out rooms that people can just pop into to have 1-1 conversations should they want to. The organizations/discussions will wait in their break out rooms, similar to having a physical stand, but should imagine how they can present their work in 5-10 minute segments. This is not for in depth discussions but more about presenting one’s work and getting people interested to follow up for more. This will be done mostly by invitation. This session will take place online.


Participatory Plenary | Online


Geneva Peace Week attendees are welcome to join special Participatory Plenary session, which has been designed to focus on what attendees have been discovering in the following thematic tracks:

This Participatory Plenary session has been designed to be interactive, and to allow for networking opportunities for all GPW attendees and professionals. The session will be facilitated by Bhavesh Patel, an expert facilitator, and several inputs will be provided by the GPW21 Thematic Track Leads.

Attendees will share with each other in small and big groups, what they have been learning, and how this connects to their work, organisations, and the field. Whether you are coming with reflections, ideas, or questions, we welcome you to come along and add your insights to our shared learning!



Digital Series Office hours | Online


Conversations from Geneva Peace Week are leaving Geneva this year and coming straight to you, wherever you consume your videos, podcasts, and media. Particularly as the pandemic had introduced the necessity of new modes of work and learning around the globe, people are increasingly interacting with new kinds of media and educational methods. We’ve asked our partner organizers to develop their peacebuilding expertise, research, and stories into digital formats (videos, podcasts, and other media) so that they can contribute to the frontline work of peace long beyond Geneva Peace Week, across geographical, cultural and temporal borders. 

Join us online for two exciting networking opportunities in which you can engage with the organizations and producers behind the Digital Series content. This will be an opportunity to meet them, to ask questions, and to discuss the topics covered in their podcasts, videos and blogs. These sessions will take place online.


Peace Fair | In-person

Friday 5 November, 15:30 - 16:30 CET

The Peace Fair is an opportunity for organizations to have a stand outside the auditorium where the Closing Ceremony will take place. This will be a networking space for attendees to mingle after Geneva Peace Week, and an opportunity for Geneva-based participants to exchange and interact. GPW21 organisers, as well as other Geneva-based organisations and initiatives at the Graduate Institute are welcome to have a stand, present their work and handout their publications. The Peace Fair will be open for an hour after the Closing Ceremony. Approximately 20 slots can be made available across 10 tables, and this will be organised by invitation and on a first come first served basis. if your organization is based here in Geneva and wants to be present, please email Maёlys maelys.gluck@graduateinstitute.ch by 1 November at 14:00 CET.

If you would like to pariticipate in Peace Fair as an attendee, add the session to you agenda.