Thematic Tracks





GPW21 Thematic Tracks 

The overall Geneva Peace Week 2021 theme is: "From seeds to systems of peace: Weathering today’s challenges"

The Online Interactive Sessions and Digital Series for GPW21 will focus on four main thematic tracks. To find out more about each GPW20 thematic track, please read the information on each of the tracks below. The French version is available here.


Creating a climate for collaboration: Ways forward for environment, climate change, and peace 

In the face of global crisis, political will and resources are increasingly flowing into responses to climate change and environmental degradation. Research and practice at the nexus between peace, conflict, and the natural environment stretches back decades, but now more than ever, it must be amplified and integrated into responses at the international, state, and local levels. How might we communicate across disciplines, sectors, silos, and language, and collaborate in face of a growing crisis? Where and how are actors from these different, but linked, fields creating synergies and working together? How can they continue to mutually reinforce one another’s work while respecting their respective differences?