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The UK’s National Programme convened a global audience to address some of the greatest challenges of our time, with tangible opportunities to showcase how the UK is innovating for a shared future.  

In March 2022, we hosted 5 days of activities asking the question, 'In the Future; How will we Advance?’ where our focus was on how technology will continue to shape every area of our lives in the future.

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Our programme investigated how advances in technology are transforming the world and the human experience and the impact this could have.  

AI, machine learning, robotics and the Internet of Things offer solutions to some of the most crucial issues of our time. Technology can transform every aspect of human experience and beyond including healthcare, transport, energy and climate change with an impact yet to be fully realised. Global leaders from multiple industries came together to explore how technology will continue to shape every area of our lives in the future, what the possibilities are and whether the benefits will be at the cost of our humanity.  

Topics that were covered included:

  • How humans and artificial intelligence evolve together 

  • How technology will continue to transform the world 

  • The future for technology entrepreneurship

  • Data ethics

  • Space tourism

Global questions our programme explored included: 

  • How can we develop technology that can benefit all of mankind? 

  • How can AI contribute to solving the big challenges such as climate change?

  • How to encourage innovation in data-enabled technologies within a responsible and ethical framework?

  • What’s next for the web?


17 March 2022

The summit sessions consisted of keynote speeches and moderated panel discussions, with audience Q&A. We delved into a variety of topics, including developing technology to benefit all humankind, how AI can contribute to solving climate change, and distributed trust.

The summit was a fully virtual event with sessions live streamed from our UK at Expo Online Events Platform, and content available on-demand post event.

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19 - 20 March 2022

Lowden Showcase - Acoustic Innovation; Hands of the maker to the hands of the musician.


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Inspirational leaders from the technology sector shared their stimulating insights in a programme of pre-recorded, dynamic keynote presentations. Key topics included space tourism, can machines truly understand us and what’s next for the web.

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Hear discussions about how the UK’s innovative AI and technology can help make our lives easier.

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