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Our programme of activity looked at the role of creativity in tackling the major challenges of our time.  

Creative thinkers and designers shape our environment both real and virtual and the products, systems and services we use every day but can creativity save the world? Approximately 80% of the environmental impact of products and services are determined in the early stages of design. Experts from varied disciplines and sectors gathered to explore how creativity can be harnessed to solve social, technological, environmental and economic issues, and build a more sustainable future for all. 

Topics covered included:  

  • Designing for the future 

  • Creativity and climate change 

  • Social responsibility and designing for ‘good’ 

  • Multi-disciplinary creative collaboration 

  • The power of partnerships when addressing global challenges 

Global questions our programme explored include: 

  • How can we create to address social, environmental and economic issues to build a sustainable future? 

  • How can creators collaborate with government and wider industries to solve global challenges? 

  • How do we design for the future? 

  • How can creativity and technology be harnessed for the good? 

  • How do we create cities of the future? 

  • What will the built environment look like in the future? 


01 – 08 November 2021  

Live activities, exhibits and digital content brought the UK creative industry to life for visitors by showcasing the achievements, capabilities and future of the industry.

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09 November 2021  

Student workshops showed visitors the benefits of studying design in the UK.

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10 November 2021

Panel sessions brought together thought leaders and industry icons to explore the role of creativity in addressing global issues.

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11 November 2021  

Stimulating insights from inspirational leaders from the creative industries to engage with investors, academia, media and thought leaders in the sector.

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Hear from a selection of high-profile industry commentators and influencers discussing how UK creativity can develop solutions to global problems.

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