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how will we learn?


Events at a glance

Our programme of activity will examine how education needs to adapt to equip our children for tomorrow’s world. 

Developments in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, nanotechnology and 3D printing are transforming the workplace. It is predicted that by 2055, half of today’s work activities could be automated. It is crucial that education adapts for a future we can only imagine, including preparing our children for jobs that don’t yet exist. As our world transforms, we need to ensure that all our children are adequately equipped not only to thrive but to contribute. 

The UK Pavilion will unite Industry leaders and academics to investigate how the education sector is developing the tools and approaches to deliver future focused high quality lifelong learning for everyone.  

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Educating children for the needs of the 21st century
  • AI in Learning

  • The classroom of the future and role of the teacher 

  • Aid Funded Education

  • Green skills

Global questions our programme will explore include: 

  • What makes Teachers great?

  • Is the classroom dead? 

  • How to create a culture of wellbeing and support mental health in schools?

  • How education can promote gender equality for women in the workforce?


Exhibits, displays and digital content will bring to life UK education technology.


Panel sessions will bring together guests including foreign ministers, policy makers and seniors working in the education industry across the world to discuss the future of education.


A series of live experiences will showcase the very best of British educational innovation in the UK.


Hear from to a selection of high-profile industry commentators and influencers discussing key challenges facing the education industry.


We will be sharing stimulating insights from inspirational leaders from the education industry showcasing how the education at all levels is evolving to become more futuristic and sustainable.


Student workshops will show visitors the benefits of receiving a world class education by studying in the in the UK.