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In the future...

how will we travel?


Events at a glance

Our programme of activity will investigate how to provide futuristic and sustainable transportation for the world.

Global Transportation has been undergoing a revolution. On the UK Pavilion, we will be reimagining how we move people, goods and resources around the globe and how technology and innovation can drive transport towards a more sustainable future.

We will be exploring a time where space travel is common, autonomous vehicles and mass airborne transportation is truly viable and hyperloop systems are the norm.

We are convening Industry experts to explore the social, environmental and economic issues that accompany our need to travel cleanly and efficiently, and how these new methods of transport will transform the industry and our lives.  

Global questions our programme will explore include: 

  • How we will provide futuristic and sustainable transportation for the world?  

  • How and where we will travel in the future? 

  • How will intelligent and sustainable transport networks for people and goods work?  

  • What does autonomous travel really mean for us? 

Our activity is comprised of a number of elements:


Exhibits, displays and digital content will bring the UK travel industry to life through the achievements, capabilities and future of the sector.


Panel sessions bringing together thought leaders and industry icons to discuss issues around future transportation.


A dynamic and engaging set of live experiences will showcase the very best of the UK’s current and future travel systems and vehicles.


Hear from to a selection of high profile in commentators and influencers discussing futuristic and sustainable ways to travel.


We will be sharing stimulating insights from inspirational leaders from the travel industry showcasing how the travel industry is evolving to become more futuristic and sustainable.


Student workshops will show visitors the benefits of studying infrastructure and transportation technology in the UK.

Learn more about how the UK will showcase new innovations and look to the future for how we will travel and live with new technology and sustainable approaches to transport.