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Our programme of activity will investigate how technology, social change and the climate crisis will shape fashion in the future. 

A growing body of research has shown the social and environmental impact posed by the clothing industry. Some of the most influential minds from all corners of the fashion and retail world will come together to explore how an industry that relies on consumption and novelty can become sustainable whilst remaining commercial. They will consider how technology is transforming the way clothes are designed and sourced and how consumer habits need to change to safeguard our future.

Topics that will be covered are: 

  • Climate change, sustainability and waste 
  • The impact of technology on the sourcing, design, manufacture and supply of clothes 
  • The retail experience of the future 
  • Social responsibility and ethical fashion 
  • Consumer trends and brands of the future 

Global questions our programme will explore include:  

  • Do we really care about who makes our clothes? 
  • Can we deliver a circular business model for fashion? 
  • How do we ensure that the clothes of the future are ethically sourced and created? 
  • What will the consumer want from their clothing in the future?  
  • What impact will technology have on the future of fashion? 

 Register your interest if you would like to be a part of the programme of activities held at the UK Pavilion during Expo 2020 Dubai.


Exhibits, displays and digital content to enable visitors to discover more of what the future of textiles and fashion may look like.


Panel sessions bringing together thought leaders and industry icons to explore how fashion and clothing will evolve in the future.


Live activities where visitors can witness UK fashion at its best.  


Hear a selection of UK industry experts discuss fashion, retailing and how fashion will continue to develop around the world. 


Presentations from business leaders and fashion experts to see how the fashion industry is evolving through developments in technology, manufacturing and materials. 


Student workshops will show visitors the benefits of studying in the UK and opportunities in the fashion, textile and retail industries.