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1. Who are the speakers? 

Speakers in the program will consist of experienced entrepreneurs, high-performing professionals from hyper-growth startup companies and seasoned product, marketing, sales & growth experts.


2. What would the mentoring process look like?  

The program has a wide array of mentors and experts available to support participating startups based on your needs.

The process will be structured as follows:

1. Weekly 1:1 meetings with Partners from Quedma Innovation to support your growth and provide resources to help execute your plan.
These meetings will result in introductions to specific experts, advisers, and mentors on a per-need basis. 

2. On-demand access to our pre-vetted pool of mentors and industry experts available for you to coordinate appointments independently.


3. What is the prize?  

Three of the winning startups will receive the opportunity to compete in the “Get in the Ring” global pitch contest taking place in Montreal, Canada in February 2021, hopefully in person. High probability of receiving an on-the-spot investment offer during the pitch competition. Guaranteed chance for the participants to get an oppurtunity to increase their presence in the global market. All selected startups for the bootcamp will have unlimited exposure to investors, CEOs, executives, and experts, and of course the opportunity to build a strategic plan tailored to the needs of the startup. 


4. Who will attend the competition?  

The competition will be divided into 3 rooms for the 3 domains (health, climate, and smart cities). Each room will include a team of jury judges, including representatives from Silicon Valley, experts from Google for startups, accelerator managers, and investors. The competition will be accompanied by a host and will take approximately two hours.


5. What commitment is required from the startup? 

A startup registered for bootcamp should have the capacity to select the relevant co-founder to take part for the duration of the training. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday, for a two hour session, between 14:00 and 16:00 European time. In addition, scheduling a weekly 1:1 X 45 minutes personal session to build an accurate strategic plan tailored to the company's global process.


6. Are there any costs or fees involved? 

Our exclusive bootcamp is fully funded, subject to full participation in the sessions.


7. Why is EIT promoting this initiative? What is the goal? 

For a long time, EIT has been asked by Israeli and European startups and by our partners to create a network of support and advice for them. After much research and work, the product is here in front of you. Through our European networking, the connections we offer, and the quality of our content, startups will get what they need for a first foothold in the global market. Our goal is to create a deep connection between the Israeli and the European ecosystems, while promoting a solution to the global challenges of all of humanity.


8. What is 'Get in the Ring'? 

A global start-up competition active in over 200 cities. They give opportunities to unconventional solutions in all corners of the world, to prove their agendas and solve 21st-century challenges. Working alongside industry-leading partners, they support the scale and impact that start-ups make across the globe.