Bootcamp Partners


Energean is a London-based company focused on developing natural gas resources in the Mediterranean and UK North Sea. The company is committed to sustainable development, and put a target of becoming net zero emitter by 2050. The company strives to meet the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its day-to-day operations and a wide range of initiatives. We believe that partnerships are key to advancing a more sustainable future.

Tel Aviv Municipality

The focus of the company is on tourism, economic development and international communications, which involve collaborations with numerous departments at City Hall, including the Media and Marketing Administration, International Relations and others. In light of the vision of the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Mr. Ron Huldai, the company manages municipal-national initiatives designed to position the city as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, a global brand and a leading tourist destination. 


Integer Holdings Corporation (NYSE:ITGR) is one of the largest medical device outsource (MDO) manufacturers in the world serving the cardiac, neuromodulation, vascular and portable medical markets. The company provides innovative, high-quality technologies and manufacturing to Medical Device OEM’s to enhance the lives of patients worldwide. In addition, it develops batteries for high-end niche applications in energy, military, and environmental markets. Greatbatch™ Medical, Lake Region Medical™ and Electrochem™ comprise the company’s brands.

Google for Startups

Google for Startups Israel helps startups start, build and scale through our products, connections and best practices. The campus is the home to Google for Startups boasting an array of offerings to startups from our founder community, online workshops and training, Residency and international programs.


Creates companies and invests in companies specializing in enterprise technology, cybersecurity and fintech. Leveraging an in-house, multi-disciplinary team of company-builders integrated with a dedicated community of C-level executives and thought leaders, Team8’s model is designed to outline big problems, ideate solutions. Team8’s leadership team represents serial entrepreneurs, industry pioneers and the former leadership of Israel’s elite tech and intelligence Unit 8200. 

Israel Innovation Institute

Support Israeli entrepreneurs and companies that address global challenges, and creates a base for social and economic growth in Israel. The Institute focuses on issues with the most public impact and advances those issues through a unique methodology of building innovation communities and open innovation programs. The Institute supports entrepreneurs and startups with finding resources, making connections and exchanging knowledge with industry players. 

The Institute operates innovation communities in the fields of Digital Health (HealthIL), Smart Transportation (EcoMotion) , Ag-Tech (GrowingIL), Desert tech (DeserTech), Climate tech (PLANETech) AND Innovation Management (CatalystIL).


8200 Impact

The first and most prominent acceleration program in Israel for social technology (Impact-tech) startups, that aim to tackle significant social or environmental challenges with technological solutions in a wide spectrum of fields: disabilities, promoting gender equality, etc.  

Get in the Ring

A retreat for the best startups to come together in an unconventional environment and make business deals with corporates and investors, meet people from all corners of the world and compete for the Global Winner title. The competiton: The opportunity for startups to scale. In one environment, all the tools a startup needs to expand and gain exposure. Investors, mentors, corporates, etc.