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Latin America & the Caribbean

Opportunities for UK companies

Opportunities for UK companies in Latin America & the Caribbean

This digital brochure is designed to draw together key points about the most important sectors and markets with opportunities for exporting UK companies to consider in Latin America and the Caribbean (LATAC).

Opportunities in this brochure are particularly relevant to larger exporting companies with experience of trading in other overseas markets, with capacity to visit the region when travel restrictions allow it and invest time in establishing strong business relationships.

From our offices overseas and in the UK, the Department for International Trade (DIT) helps UK-based businesses export and grow in overseas markets and helps overseas companies locate and grow in the UK, providing our services in over 100 markets worldwide.

DIT’s international trade experts help UK companies assess market potential for their product or service; we can help research the market and we can advise companies on the best route to market and on regulations, they need to comply with. We connect companies up with key contacts in their sector and help them identify and warm up potential business partners. Our teams can:

  • Help to find the best markets for a company’s product or service.
  • Provide tailored support and guidance on how to trade in a target market.
  • Research, identify and warm up potential business partners.
  • Support during overseas visits.
  • Support during overseas exhibitions and events.






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