Multiple Sclerosis Nurses



Amy HarbourAmy Harbour

Following graduation from the University of Surrey in 2008 Amy spent 8 years working in recovery in St. Richards hospital.

Just over 2 years ago, Amy was fortunate to become a MS Nurse specialist and has been working in the community, covering a large case load with approximately 850 patients. During this time, Amy has been privileged to go to the Hitchin Course, taught by Nikki Abel Ward and was given the opportunity to speak at a national conference, with her findings and research from the Hitchin Course. More recently Amy has been asked to be part of the UKMSNA committee and invited to sit on the care manual working group. Although Amy has been a qualified and practising nurse for 10 years, she feels that her career has suddenly become much more interesting. With so much changing within the MS world, Amy feels very fortunate to be part of it.

Dr Louise JarrettDr Louise Jarrett RGN, PhD

Louise Jarrett has worked as a registered nurse in the area of neuroscience for over thirty years, predominantly working with people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She commenced her current role as a MS Nurse specialist in June 2012 having previously worked as a nurse specialist in spasticity management, and nursing roles in neurorehabilitation and neurosurgery.

In 2009 Louise completed her PhD in nursing and wrote a reflexive narrative exploring her role as a nurse specialist using guided reflection as a process of self-inquiry and transformation. Louise’s recent research has been as part of the Stand up in MS (SUMS) team and she has lectured nationally and internationally. Louise is a member of MS Nurse Pro Syllabus committee and the South West MS network:

Del ThomasDel Thomas

Del Thomas is a Lead MS CNS and Community Neuro CNS manager, she has worked in the field of MS as an MS CNS for 19 years. Del works in the rural county of Herefordshire and has created a flexible responsive service to meet the needs of her patients. She is supported by another MS CNS and an MS OT. During her MS career she has been the chair of the United Kingdom MS Nurse Association and also is a board member of the International Organization of MS Nurses and sits on the exam board for the MSCN award. She has been involved with designing and delivering many educational programs for MS Nurses and Ahps.

Karen VernonKaren Vernon RGN, BSc (Hons), Post Grad Dip, MSCN, NMP

Karen Vernon RGN, BSc (Hons), Post Grad Dip, MSCN, NMP is the Nurse Consultant in Multiple Sclerosis of the Greater Manchester & East Cheshire MS Service which is based at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, one of the leading MS Centres in the UK.

Karen has worked in neurology for longer than she cares to remember! From being a ward manager on an acute neurology ward, to becoming a community neurology nurse to specializing in MS at different centres, to where Karen is today; her neurology career even pre dates DMT’s!

Aside from the advances for patients, Karen considers one of the overwhelming positives in MS care has been the development of the MS specialist nurse role and it is the future proofing of the role that she is passionate about. The equity of service provision to patients with MS is currently another priority for her.

Karen is currently co-chair of the United Kingdom Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurse Association (UKMSSNA), and has recently become the UK representative on the Multiple Sclerosis Nurses International Certification Board (MSNICB).

She is currently involved in MS research projects with both Salford and Nottingham University, looking at varying aspects of MS care. Karen has coauthored a number of MS publications over the years and has also had the opportunity to make platform presentations at national and international MS conferences in addition to having numerous poster presentations accepted.

Along with 2 of her Consultant colleagues, Karen has developed an award winning neurological examination course for MS nurses to help them enhance their skills.