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IAA Mobility 2021



Later this year the UK will host COP26, where the world will meet to agree on more ambitious climate action – the most significant COP since the 2015 Paris Agreement. 


  •  Global emissions from road transport are rising faster than any other sector, with cars and vans accounting for 7% of global vehicle sales. 
  •  To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, we want to work together with our partners to ensure that globally all new cars and vans are zero emission by 2040 or earlier. This means that in leading markets all new cars and vans are zero emission by 2035.


Electric vehicles are increasingly available and performance is improving, with the battery ranges of new electric models now moving to 200-300 miles and more. We are asking all businesses to take immediate action to reduce emissions (joining the Race to Zero), build resilience and protect and restore nature, while working with others to accelerate change. Real corporate leadership requires robust action across all these areas, going beyond commitments. 


The UK Government is an ‘international ambassador’ of The Climate Group's EV100 campaign, both domestically and Overseas. As an ambassador of the campaign, we are asking for all businesses to commit to the uptake of electric vehicles into their corporate fleets, invest in the installation of charging infrastructure, and place requirements in service contracts for EV usage by 2030. We are also asking for all vehicle manufacturers to commit to 100% global ZEV production by 2040.

The commercial case for action is clear, with European countries including Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK having already set national targets for EV deployment.