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ANGOKA is an IoT security company focused on protecting M2M comms for Smart Cities and Mobility. With the increase in the number of inherently insecure networks, ANGOKA’s solutions authenticate critical M2M data provenance, creating trusted connections, even in untrustworthy networks.

ANGOKA is the only cyber company to win a place on Zenzic’s CAM Scale-Up Programme, and is an alumnus of NCSC’s Cyber Accelerator, Seraphim Space Camp, Yes!Delft and TechNation Cyber 2.0. Finally, ANGOKA has been awarded three Innovate UK R&D projects, which focus on securing quantum comms (led by BT) and drones. Most recently, ANGOKA was selected for Plug & Play’s Smart Cities (Mobility vertical) program, and was named one of the UK’s Most Innovative Cyber Security SME by the UK Government.


For 1:2:1 Meeting requests, please contact:

Jay Nagley, Head of Business Development, Land Mobility & Northern Ireland

For AVs to become a commercial reality, AV developers are starting to realize that they must learn to handle huge numbers of edge cases – the countless high-risk scenarios which are individually unlikely, but together make up the bulk of the risk. dRISK is solving this problem with a full-stack technology suite for training and testing Avs on the most diverse ever collection of edge cases. This product, the first true driver’s test for self-driving cars, is funded by a major grant from the UK’s Department for Transport.


For 1:2:1 Meeting requests, please contact:

Rav Babbra, Business Development Manager

EnSilica is a leading IC design house with a consistent record of financial growth and technical excellence since its formation in 2001.

Our experienced silicon team can deliver a complete RF, mmWave, mixed-signal and digital ASIC for our customers – from specification through to GDSII tape-out and production silicon.

We also provide high quality design services to supplement your own IC engineering team and are specialists in complex SoC and FPGA-based embedded systems, including hardware and embedded software development. Our portfolio of IP includes families of IP covering communications, encryption and Radar accelerators.

Our impressive record of success has been achieved working with customers ranging from start-ups to blue-chip companies. Our project portfolio ranges from module design to multi-million gate System-on-Chip.


For 1:2:1 Meeting requests, please contact:

Paul Morris, Sales Director

Hypermile AI (brand of Creation Labs) provides an energy-efficient co-pilot for commercial vehicles. We use the latest advancements in deep learning to produce a powerful AI Driver Assist System (AIDAS). Our level-2 system runs computer-vision AI on a low-powered device. Our AI has been taught by the best drivers to drive safely and energy-efficiently. We integrate directly with the vehicle to brake, accelerate and steer more energy efficiently under the driver's supervision.

We can fit this system to both electric and diesel commercial vehicles (incl. vans, heavy goods vehicles) to save fuel or extend range. We draw a fraction of energy compared to other ADAS providers yielding up to double-digit percentage increases in range or fuel economy.


For 1:2:1 Meeting requests, please contact:

Jakub Langr, CEO

Catesby Tunnel is set to become the worldwide benchmark for aerodynamic testing and vehicle development. The facility will allow accurate assessment of aerodynamic performance, cooling, aeroacoustics, emissions, dirt deposition and more. Its unique underground and fully-sealed working section ensures there is zero wind, rain or background noise in additional to minimal temperature changes. This will provide the perfect environment for accurate, reliable and ultra-repeatable testing. The tunnel houses a 2.7km extremely smooth and flat road surface and boasts an enormous 40 square metre working section, complete with turntables at either end. Due to its underground nature and secluded location in the UK, the facility provides the perfect environment to test in complete privacy.


For 1:2:1 Meeting requests, please contact:

Jon Paton, Group Team Leader

what3words is a really simple way to communicate any precise location.

Every 3 metre (10 foot) square in the world has a unique 3 word identifier: a what3words address.

For example ///filled.count.soap marks the exact entrance to what3words’ London headquarters.

what3words addresses are easy to say and share, and are as accurate as GPS coordinates.

Now drivers and autonomous vehicles can navigate exactly where they need to be with just three words.

what3words is built directly into cars, mobility apps and other technology solutions and services. It's available in over 48 languages.

what3words precision navigation is available in Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Motors, Triumph Motorcycles, Ford App-Link and Lotus Cars.

what3words proudly partners with HERE, Cerence, TomTom, NNG and Amazon Alexa to provide a smoother navigation experience.


For 1:2:1 Meeting requests, please contact:

Kate Horsfall, Executive Assistant

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