Detect and protect your substation from cyber attack


Cybersecurity and Functional Monitoring for Substations Webinar

September 9, 2021 | Australia

As cybersecurity breaches continue to be a prevalent threat to modern society and business - substation security sits as one of the most important challenges facing specific business today.

Join Andreas Klien as we cover critical cybersecurity and functional monitoring topics including applying cybersecurity frameworks on power grids, attack vectors of substations,  protecting your substation network and more.

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Live Practical Demonstration - How to Detect Cyber Attacks on Substations

September 29, 2021 | Australia

Join Ozan Dayanc in a practical demonstration of a live cyber attack on a substation and methods of detection and prevention. Ozan; a product specialist and cybersecurity application engineer has a wealth of knowledge and experience in substation automation, networking and specializes in cybersecurity for substations.

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Date : September 9th, 2021
Start Time :  3:00pm, AEST   |    5:00pm, NZ    | 12:30pm, WIB  |  1:00pm, PHST
Event Duration : 01:00 hrs
Presenter : Andreas Klien

Introduction to Power Grid Security
Applying the NIST Cybersecurity Framework in the Power Grid
Asset Inventory: Getting Reliable Information on IED's
Attack Vectors of Substations
Protecting your Substation Network
Requirements for IDS for the Power Grid
Introduction of Functional Security Monitoring
Common Findings in Substation Security Assessments

Q & A

Date : September 29th, 2021
Start Time :  2:30pm, AEST   |    4:30pm, NZ    | 11:30am, WIB  |  12:30pm, PHST
Event Duration : 01:30 hrs
Presenter : Ozan Dayanc

Live Practical Demonstration

Practical Demo of Cyber-Attacks on Substation and How to Detect Them


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