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Clean Growth Award

The Clean Growth Award will be presented to a company that is committed to cleaner economic growth, through either low carbon technologies or the sustainable use of resources. 

Businesses can apply who are in the green economy space, focusing on technologies that improve energy efficiency and help promote sustainable energy. Alternatively, it could be a company that is supporting other organisations in reducing their carbon footprint, encouraging a circular economy, or modifying consumer behaviour. 

Clean Growth is a wide-ranging term that refers to business activity in renewables, nuclear, hydrogen, future mobility and other forms of clean technology. Critically, the business has to prove that they have united economic growth with sustainable development. 

In the context of COP 26, the Commercial Section of the British Embassy in Paris and the Franco-British Chamber want to encourage applicants in the following sectors of activity:  

  • Transition to clean energy
  • Clean transport 
  • Nature-based solutions 
  • Green technology
  • Green finance