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Terms and Conditions

Art 1.

The Commercial Section of the British Embassy in Paris and the Franco-British Chamber are co-organising the ‘Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards 2021’. The objective of these Awards is to promote and encourage economic ties between France and the United Kingdom by rewarding the most successful companies in terms of trade and investment between the two countries.


Art 2.

The competition is open to all French and UK small, medium and large businesses, regardless of their legal form or size. The business must have been in existence for at least two years, and be developing their economic activity in the United Kingdom and France. 


Art 3.

Calls for candidature and the application process will be conducted online via a dedicated website: the nominations for the Awards will be open from 20 September until 5 November.


Art 4.

Upon receipt of application, the point of contact from the company will be contacted to confirm their eligibility.


Art 5.

The information shared and communicated by a company will remain confidential and will only be shared with the Jury.


Art 6.

The Jury reserves the right to contact the successful candidates at any time to request further information.


Art 7.

The Jury, which is independent and impartial, takes its decisions by an absolute majority on the basis of the criteria set out in the application file. The Jury’s decisions are final and non-contestable. The members of the Jury and the company or organisation to which they belong may not enter the competition. The constitution of the Jury is the responsibility of the Commercial Section of the British Embassy in Paris and the Franco-British Chamber. In the event of a tie, the Chairperson of the Jury has the casting vote. All participants will be informed individually of the outcome of the Jury's deliberations.


Art 8.

The two event organisers, without prior consultation with participants, will carry out all communication concerning the Awards.


Art 9.

The Winners must agree to participate in the Award Ceremony, which will take place on 2nd December 2021, either virtually or in person, and then accept that the co-organisers promote the event and communicate about the winners.


Art 10.

The candidate acknowledges having read the rules and accepts them unreservedly. The candidate undertakes to provide only accurate information to the Jury and, in particular, to avoid any inaccuracies or omissions that could lead to an incorrect judgement. In the event of significant irregularities, the Jury reserves the right to reject the application in question or to withdraw the prize already awarded. Entries will be selected according to the criteria set out above (see Judges section).


Art 11.

The Commercial Section of the British Embassy in Paris and the Franco-British Chamber will use any personal information provided in accordance with the terms of the Franco-British Chamber's privacy policy and the Commercial Section of the British Embassy in Paris’ privacy policy.


Art 12.

The co-organisers cannot be held responsible for any temporary or permanent interruption of the competition for any reason whatsoever. The co-organisers reserve the right to make changes to these rules as circumstances require, subject to prior notification to the candidates. Candidates shall refrain from making any claim or request for compensation in this respect.

The co-organisers also reserve the right to extend the duration of the competition if necessary, subject to prior notification of the participants.