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Jury Award: Contribution to Franco-British Trade & Investment

The Jury Award will be presented to a company that has made a significant contribution to Franco-British Trade or Investment work over the course of 2020/21. It will represent a special prize for an outstanding achievement in a difficult economic context.

In 2021, the focus will be on how a company has adapted to the Covid-19 crisis, helped to support supply-chain shifts or displayed excellent initiative in adapting to new market trends.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented economic shock, leading to incredible levels of disruption for businesses. However, companies in both France and the UK have demonstrated real resilience, often adjusting their models to support great causes.

This prize will be a real ‘coup de coeur’. A company will convince the Jury that their exceptional feat or exploit has supported the business community and civil society since the impact of Covid-19 in March 2020.

Finally, the Jury Award will have a strong consideration for how the company has championed or supported the Franco-British economic bilateral relationship.