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SME of the Year Award

The SME of the Year Award will be presented to a company that has successfully exported or invested into the French or UK market for the first time. In spite of the challenges of the previous two years, companies remain committed to exploring the UK and French markets.

This business will demonstrate a solid foundation, a strategic vision for international expansion and a commitment to exporting or investing in either France or the UK.

The winning company will be able to highlight a high quality product, service or idea that has exposed a substantial gap in the market within the past two to three years.

Criteria for the businesses:

  • Turnover (less than £25m), employees (less than 250), and gross assets (less than £12.5m)
  • The business must have been in operation for at least two years
  • This must be their first time exporting or investing into the French or UK market

The term SME is deliberately broad to encourage applicants of many sizes from a variety of sectors. Small businesses, start-ups, scale-ups are all welcome to pitch for this Award.