Arctic Frontiers Young


We have six different events under our Arctic Frontiers Young program, inviting young actors to the Arctic scene.

  • Science for Schools is arranged in collaboration with the Science Centre of Northern Norway and the APECS. We invite 10th grade students in Tromsø to participate in a science project. Following lectures by scientists the students work on a chosen project that is presented in a poster session during the conference. 
  • Science for Kids is arranged in collaboration with the Science Centre of Northern-Norway, the Fram Centre and Akvaplan-niva A/S. We invite kindergartens in Tromsø to create their own science project, learning how to work as a researcher in the Arctic. 
  • Arctic Career Seminar is arranged at UiT The Arctic University of Norway and introduces students to northern career opportunities. The seminar consists of presentations by senior business leaders followed by mingle and networking with peers and experts on Arctic business development. 
  • Emerging Leaders facilitates meetings between young professionals and PhD students/post docs and senior representatives from academia, business and the public sector. The one-week program is a blend of technical, social and cultural events. 
  • The Arctic Frontiers/Arctos PhD workshop  is arranged by the ARCTOS research group.
  • The Arctic Frontiers Student Forum is a five-day, interdisciplinary event bringing together students from across the world with interest in the Arctic region.


Lise Johansen