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  Opportunities in Africa

A New City within a City: Eko Atlantic City Infrastructure Investment Opportunities

Eko Atlantic City is a smart city being built along the coast of Victoria Island, serving as an extension of Lagos, Nigeria. The City’s vision is to act as a new link to the world’s economy, by driving the development of Africa’s social, economic, technological, and financial infrastructure.

East Africa: Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Mandulis Energy develops off-grid and grid-connected infrastructure to deliver affordable, reliable, and sustainable, low carbon energy capable of driving economic development, in urban and rural communities. With operational projects in Uganda, Mandulis generates electricity using solar, in hybrid with bioenergy. Co-products include; clean cooking fuel, and renewable industrial heating solutions.

Egypt Megaprojects

Economic megaprojects have been a main characteristic in Egypt for the past four years. Egypt has made significant efforts to grow its economy by both attracting foreign investments as well as developing its export capabilities. Between 2016 and 2020, a total of $91.2bn contracts were awarded, with an annual average of $18.4bn. The largest single sector has been construction followed by power and transport.

From the country's first mono- and high-speed rail, the world biggest solar park, and waste-water treatment plant, the Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant, to new smart cities under development, these are some of the biggest projects underway.

Mauritius: Transitioning Bel Ombre towards a low-carbon off-grid energy model

In line with Mauritius' commitment to reducing GHG emissions by 40% by 2030, this off-grid renewable energy project on the Bel Ombre domain, located in the South-West of Mauritius, is driven by Rogers Group.

Through its subsidiary Agrïa, Rogers is working on the master planning of this region to position Bel Ombre as the reference for Sustainable Tropical Art de Vivre. It will include the development of a sustainable Smart Village and all its components ranging from residential offering, full range of services, to business and leisure facilities. Phase I of the project focuses on mini-grid installations to provide electricity to existing hotels and villas in a region that forms part of a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve.

With the potential to generate avoidance credits, this project could easily be replicated across Mauritius and the region, acting as a benchmark, especially in the hospitality industry.

Mozambique: Renewable Resources and Energy Transition

Mozambique has a huge potential in the renewable resources sector, of up to 23 GW with solar being the most abundant, followed by hydro, wind, and biomass and finally geothermal. This potential clearly places Mozambique in a great position to adopt clean energy as part of its energy mix to close the energy deficit in the country and continent, while also contributing to a clean energy transition and turning Mozambique into an energy hub in the region.

NAMé Recycling in a nutshell

NAMé Recycling S.A. is a plastic recycling company with headquarters in Belgium and operations in Africa. We collect and recycle plastic waste (PET/HDPE/LDPE) from businesses, households and from the streets and rivers in Cameroon & Gabon.

We currently operate 2 recycling facilities in Cameroon and 1 in Gabon with a maximum capacity of 5.000 tonnes/yr. Since the start in 2016 we have collected & recycled the equivalent of 150 million plastic bottles.

Vision & mission

Vision: Having a profound impact on society by ridding Africa of plastic waste and transforming a problem into an economic, environmental & social opportunity.

Mission: To be the leading recycler in Africa, providing high-end services to our customers and the communities we are active in. Leading the way in responsible recycling, creating maximum value locally and operating as an agile, lean and profitable company.


  • Increase capacity in existing countries to fully leverage scale economies.
  • Geographic expansion to establish a regional footprint.
  • Provide one-stop-shop multi-country service to global players in the beverage industry.

Nigeria: Abuja Industrial Park

The Abuja Industrial Park (AIP) is currently being developed and constructed by the Zeberced Group, a wholly UK owned business, and leading aggregate quarry, asphalt and construction company in Nigeria. AIP is ideally situated to provide local and international manufacturing and distribution companies with ready access to markets in central and northern counties in Nigeria and contiguous countries. AIP is now looking to sell tenancies to companies operating in the Agricultural, ICT, manufacturing, trade, construction and consumer goods sectors. When complete, AIP will add US $3BN in annual revenue and 40,0000 permanent jobs to the Nigerian economy.

Nigeria: Lagos Inland Waterways Route Licensing and Terminal

The main objective of the intervention is to attract private sector bidders to support the Lagos State vision of Integrated Multi-Modal Transportation. Over the past 3 years, the Lagos State Government in collaboration with the Global Future Cities have evaluated the Inland Waterways market potentials, defined priority routes, and proposed viable freight terminal locations. This has formed the basis for developing a Full Business Case (FBC) for the implementation of Private Sector Participation (PSP) on the Lagos Inland waterways. This PSP will further decongest the roads, promote cargo movements, enhance safety and security on the waterways and drastically reduce carbon emissions.

Solarcentury Africa: Renewable Energy Solutions

Solarcentury Africa is a specialist in renewable energy solutions, providing a full wrap of the entire project from the initial design of a project to commissioning, legal framework and full project funding.  With over 22 years of experience in emission free green power, we are your perfect renewable energy partner to help you navigate this rapidly changing sector.  Our deep experience of complex hybrid solutions, large grid connected solar parks together with over a decade of experience of designing and integrating Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) makes us a proud leader in the renewable world.

South Africa: Invest Durban

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UK-Africa Case Studies


Clarke Energy: Opportunities for renewable power, energy efficiency, energy resiliency and sustainable waste management in Africa

An introduction to Clarke Energy’s African operations that have provided embedded power plants in Africa since the early 2000s. The company sees opportunities to support Africa’s transition to a sustainable future by the supply of energy efficient, low carbon and renewable power plants. Specific subjects of relevance include hydrogen, biogas, biomethane and sustainable waste management.

Crown Agents Bank: Connecting Africa with Payments Technology

Crown Agents Bank is a leading provider of FX and payments in frontier and emerging markets. Our network and technology transform our clients’ ability to move money where it’s needed most.

We combine coverage, speed, transparency, reliability and highly competitive pricing with deep regional expertise. The work we do is essential to reducing friction in international payments, supporting both the private and development sector.

Diageo Africa: sustainable, community driven operations

Operating as a local manufacturer and employer in African markets, in a resource heavy industry, both from the perspective of inputs and labour, presents a unique opportunity as we seek to build a more inclusive and sustainable world. The way in which we source, make, market and sell has to ensure that the processes of production are sustainable for the long term and are bringing in those around us to secure viability and inclusion. These means continuous investment in renewable energies, consumption reduction and efficiencies, community involvement and long term planning.

Globeleq: Powering Africa's Growth

Globeleq has been developing, owning and operating power projects in Africa for 20 years and is 70% owned by development financial institutions, CDC Group of the UK and 30% by Norfund of Norway. Our focus is to develop sustainable power businesses and to be the Africa power partner of choice.

Intertek: Total Quality Assurance solutions for Africa

A message from Intertek CEO André Lacroix: Intertek is a purpose-led company, operating in more than 100 countries. Our end-to-end, risk-based quality assurance approach is truly unique, and we provide our clients with integrated Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification.

We have been operating in Africa for 60 years, working with both companies and governments to make sure their supply chains run safety with the highest quality standards. We operate 30 laboratories across the continent covering Minerals, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Textiles, Food, Electrical and Business Assurance.

We look forward to working with our customers as the growth of the African economy continues to accelerate into the future.

Mott MacDonald: Partners for Change

Clare Rhodes-James, Development Manager at Mott MacDonald, highlights how partnerships bring the insights and expertise needed to deliver green energy projects across Africa - leading to meaningful change that transforms lives and improves livelihoods.

South Africa: Anglo American’s Regional Renewable Energy Ecosystem

At Anglo American, our commitment to being part of the solution to climate change is embedded across the business. In South Africa, we are supportive of the South African government’s ambition to transition to a low-carbon economy – an ambition that aligns closely with our commitments to achieve carbon neutrality across our global operations by 2040. Through our FutureSmart Mining™ approach, we are adopting numerous innovative technologies at our operations, including a regional renewable energy ecosystem that involves the installation of clean energy sources from renewables – wind, solar, as well as hydrogen and potentially pumped hydro-storage technology.

United Green: Future Food Systems in Africa

In 2019 United Green Group initiated their global agri-food investment strategy, incorporating capital development and investment in greenfield, integrated, climate smart and regenerative agricultural and food systems in Africa. The 2020 Africa Invest Summit was a timely initiative for United Green, to better understand key opportunities and stakeholders within the sector on the continent; coupled with bespoke UK DIT support throughout, it most definitely provided a valuable boost to the investment strategy. Although encountering travel difficulties and disruptions coupled with operational uncertainties as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, working collaboratively with UK DIT programmes such as ‘UK Manufacturing Africa’ enabled United Green to review markets and refine strategy. This has resulted in United Green developing an ambitious pipeline in four countries in Africa by the end of 2021 (whilst continuing to review further markets), including the establishment of two joint venture companies.

Vodafone, Vodacom & Safaricom: a pan-Africa technology leader

Vodafone Group is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. We deliver mobile services to more than 750m people via our OpCos, including 170m people in the eight African markets where we provide services under the Vodafone, Vodacom, and Safaricom brands. We invented mobile money (M-Pesa) at the beginning of the century, with the financial support of the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). We are currently preparing to launch mobile services in Ethiopia, a market of 112m people where we expect to increase access to data connectivity from 6% to 98%; transform key SDG verticals such as education, health, and agriculture; and help creating 1 to 1.5m jobs in the process.

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