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ThE changing face of retail 

Presenter: Jace Tyrell, Chief Executive, New West End Company

New West End Company is a business partnership of 600 UK and international retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and property owners in the world's top shopping and leisure destination, anchored by Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street. The insights will look at how retail is adapting to changing shopper trends which were severely impacted by COVID-19. New West End Company represents a wide range of organisations and will be reflect on the consumer shifts, innovations and technological developments that are forcing retail and leisure brands to re-evaluate their business models and the ways in which they engage with consumers. 

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How can ai (artificial intelligence) transform fashion 

Presenter: Maria McClay, Head of Fashion, Google 

Maria McClay is Google’s ambassador to the $420 billion high-end fashion sector. The head of luxury fashion is responsible for understanding brands’ business challenges and developing solutions to solve them. That includes teaching brands to make better use of data and the Cloud, as well as evangelising emerging technologies such as voice search, image search and virtual reality. One of the key challenges we face is how to prevent waste and how we can use technologies such as AI to improve our supply chains and potentially shift from a make and buy model to a buy and make model. Join Maria who will share the insights and lessons learned from the Google Cloud project and how to deliver sustainability. 

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DO one thing well 

Presenter: David Hieatt, Co-Founder, The DO Lectures

Back in 2007, a text came through on David Hieatt’s phone from Tony Davidson. It read: "Don’t just stand there, do something." Dick Dastardly. At the dinner table that night David and his wife, Clare Hieatt had a conversation that sparked the idea for The DO Lectures. Following the setting up of HUIT, David and Claire have delivered a dream by doing one thing really well. They have taken this theme and created the DO lectures which aim to celebrate an individual’s championing of a particular cause or view. Many of these go to the heart of what will make us better people.

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