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Our programme of activity will investigate how to provide futuristic and sustainable transportation for the world.

Global Transportation has been undergoing a revolution. On the UK Pavilion, we will be reimagining how we move people, goods and resources around the globe and how technology and innovation can drive transport towards a more sustainable future.

We will be exploring a time where space travel is common, autonomous vehicles and mass airborne transportation is truly viable and hyperloop systems are the norm.

We are convening Industry experts to explore the social, environmental and economic issues that accompany our need to travel cleanly and efficiently, and how these new methods of transport will transform the industry and our lives.  

Global questions our programme will explore include: 

  • How we will provide futuristic and sustainable transportation for the world?  

  • How and where we will travel in the future? 

  • How will intelligent and sustainable transport networks for people and goods work?  

  • What does autonomous travel really mean for us? 

Our activity is comprised of a number of elements:


19 – 20 November 2021

Exhibits, displays and digital content will bring the UK travel industry to life through the achievements, capabilities and future of the sector.

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19 – 23 November 2021

Briggs Automotive Company’s (BAC), an incubator widely regarded as a technological front-runner in the automotive industry, will provide guests with another vibrant example of British current and future travel through its Mono – the world's first single-seater, road-legal supercar.  
Featuring prominently at the front of the UK Pavilion for photo opportunities and non-mobile demonstrations, the Mono embraces the latest technology from around the globe, pioneering world-firsts and setting the bar for cutting-edge innovation. 

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21 November 2021

The aim of the Student Workshop is to focus on new ideas to attract students to study in the UK, through engaging workshops, aimed at local students and the general public. Cardiff University’s ‘Decarbonising Travel through Electrification’ workshop will demonstrate and discuss the use of electricity as a transport fuel and how it will change and influence the future of travel. 

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22 November 2021

The summit sessions will consist of keynote speeches and moderated panel discussion, with audience Q&A. We will delve into a variety of topics, including the revolution of transportation and how technology and innovation can drive transport toward a more sustainable future. The summit will be a hybrid event with sessions live streamed and content available on-demand post event. 

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23 November 2021

Inspirational leaders from the travel industry will share their stimulating insights in a programme of dynamic, short keynote presentations. Key topics include autonomous vehicles, efficient freight delivery and what is possible in the world of powered flight. 

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Hear a selection of UK industry experts discuss innovations and challenges to the travel, and transport industries. Aimed at a global audience of all ages, these will be energising and insightful discussions. Topics will include how airplane seats and experiences are changing and the future of human spaceflight.  

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Learn more about how the UK will showcase new innovations and look to the future for how we will travel and live with new technology and sustainable approaches to transport.