Innovating for our community


You are a member of many different communities, real and virtual.

AI is changing how we interface with the world, helping us improve how we work, learn, connect, play, create and care for one another. 

How is AI changing the way we share our lives? 

Communities and Shared Lives

Ocado uses AI in a variety of ways. They have adopted AI and machine learning to help speed up shopping and personalise the experience for each person. In their warehouses, swarms of machine learning-guided bots work collaboratively to pick a 50-item grocery order in minutes - helping customers get fresher food with less waste.


Helping Hands at Home

Artificially Intelligent companions don’t replace human engagement, but they’re another supportive voice you can turn to. Using machine learning to create natural human conversations, Alana delivers meaningful AI interactions. The result is a dependable companion that’s always there for you – to help you, to entertain you, and to listen.

Your Pernsal Teacher

CENTURY is the intelligent intervention tool that combines artificial intelligence, learning science and neuroscience. It creates constantly adapting pathways for every student and powerful data for teachers. The platform works with you to stretch and support learners – instantly addressing gaps in knowledge, misconceptions and providing resources for teacher-led interventions.

Smarter Path to Victory

Sports fans expect content at a pace; stats, player insights, highlights. IBM is the technology partner for Wimbledon and has been using AI to help curate the best match highlights, faster than ever before. The AI combines player gestures, crowd noise and the scores to select the most exciting moments.

Creating New Worlds

AI in games helps create responsive, adaptive and engaging experiences for players. It can be used to create dynamic ever changing levels through procedural generation, to offer fierce foes to fight (or convincing friends to bond with) and to bring game worlds to life in authentic, yet often surprising, ways. The UK has strong expertise in its use across platforms, helping us to create a range of fascinating games for players around the world.

Recommended for You

Intelistyle’s AI extracts the essence of style by crawling catwalk and social network photography online. It then personalises the customer experience of fashion retailers by providing their customers with styling advice and recommending the right clothes and outfits for them. It’s eCommerce personalisation suite optimises conversion, basket size and repeat purchase rate.

Money Around the Globe

HSBC has supported global trade for over 150 years, and today serves the banking and financial needs of millions of people, businesses and communities around the world. HSBC are leaders in the use of AI and integrated technologies like blockchain to increase security. They can help detect crimes like identity theft, without disrupting genuine transactions

HSBC is one of the UK Pavilion’s Founding Partners.