"Supply Chain Integrity and Security in Defence - A Challenge for Technology"

3 March 2022

at BluePoint, Brussels

Back to Brussels in 2022!

“It is our goal to reconnect, renew and restart the fruitful relationship between NATO and EU and industry and academia after the long pause on face-to-face meetings and only virtual contact. For this purpose, our first event of the year will be the AFCEA Europe Workshop in Brussels, the home of so many international entities. We are very much looking forward to providing a place for networking in a relaxed atmosphere and on neutral ground between military, government, academia and the industry that serves them, with expert conversations and hands-on experiences.” 

--MGEN. Erich Staudacher, GEAF (Ret.), General Manager, AFCEA Europe



Recently, the critical sector of defence and its industry experienced a new phenomenon unprecedented in its scale: Disruptions in the supply chain  caused by sophisticated cyber attacks. Are we equipped to eliminate the supply chain risks in such a highly-collaborative environment at reasonable costs? Do we fully understand the threat landscape? Legal tools, certification processes and policies all try to combat and prevent the inherent  weakness of being compromised in a structural way. But technology should also come to assistance with sophisticated cyber defence, more automated integrity protection of software and data, and related management tools. In addition, how can cybersecurity maturity be (re-)installed in legacy systems and also throughout the entire life cycle?

In order to strengthen the resilience at the core of our defence products and services, the goal of this one-day conference is to have a profound exchange between technologists and policy makers on threat vectors, requirements, mature practices and best practicability in supply chain security.

Among others, the following key topics will be discussed:

  • Cyber Security
  • Supply Chain
  • Software Certification
  • Hardware Integrity
  • Blockchain for Supply Chain Security




The AFCEA Europe Workshop will foster in-person networking opportunities.

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The AFCEA Europe Workshop will host specialists from national governments, defense and security bodies, NATO and EU, as well as industry and academia. Sponsorships are a great way to maximise your exposure at the event. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We are also offering virtual sponsorship opportunities options.