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what will we eat?


Events at a glance

This programme of activity will examine the need to rethink how we grow, consume and provide food for a sustainable future

We will bring together experts from the agritech and food and drink industries to explore how we will be able to feed ourselves in the future, end hunger, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture to ensure solutions for generations to come.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Sustainable farming and agricultural innovation 
  • Food and water security
  • International Development and fair trade
  • Animal welfare
  • Future food trends

Global questions our programme will explore include:

  • How we grow, consume and provide food for a sustainable future?
  • What will sustainable farming and agricultural innovation look like in the future?
  • How do we provide food and water security?
  • What will be the future food trends?
  • How will we eliminate waste and feed the world more efficiently?


14 February 2022

To inspire young children and students from around the world to learn more about where food comes from, how it’s made and how they may make it in the future and to encourage curiosity about UK food biotechnology.


15 February 2022

Inspirational leaders from the agriculture and agritech sector will share their stimulating insights in a programme of dynamic, short keynote presentations. We will see different perspectives of how machines and artificially intelligent products will affect our lives and the future of food production.


17 February 2022

Panel sessions will bring together thought leaders and industry icons to explore approaches to food production, supply chains, sustainability and waste.

showcase & Experience

18 - 19 February 2022

Open to the General public on the 18th and 19th February 2022, the UK Pavilion will host an immersive showcase of food and drink from across the UK.  Celebrating the rich heritage of British and Northern Irish produce and showcasing some of the inspiring innovations being produced today, Expo visitors will be surprised and delighted, finding out what the UK has to offer.  


Hear from a selection of high-profile industry commentators and influencers discussing how the UK’s innovative agritech industry and food and drink innovation can help provide a sustainable source of food for all.