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Discover the economic power of the UK nations and regions with their vibrant mix of industries and industrious communities that invite business, trade and investment from around the world. 

With a population of over 10 million, the Midlands (East and West) generates more than £230 billion in Gross Value Added (GVA) – that’s equivalent to around 13% of the UK economy. The region is ideally placed for the distribution of manufactured goods, reaching 92% of the UK population within 4 hours.

It has the largest Finance & Professional Services cluster of any UK region, consisting of 53,000 companies and a work force of 340,000 professionals – world-class sector breadth and depth of talent. The West Midlands is also home to the UK’s Green Industrial Revolution with a green talent pool of nearly 100,000 generating £12bn Low Carbon revenue pa. The future, now.

The North of England is recognised as a global centre for creativity and design and attracts thriving international investment – its heritage of expertise and manufacturing know-how is well established on the world stage. The North is a global hub, with 7 international gateway airports, flying direct to 254 destinations.

There are also 12 major foreign trading ports here. A high quality of life attracts people to live, work, study and invest in a region blessed with beautiful national parks and a renowned heritage of football, music and culture.

Creative, digital and technology meet traditional industry in the South of England.
A region with a strong history of innovation, it offers opportunities across a wide range of sectors from nuclear and aerospace to life science and new technologies. There are vibrant clusters of expertise spanning 5G, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Home to 4 top global universities and a dynamic enterprise ecosystem, the region has the highest global concentration of world-class research and innovation assets (science parks, businesses and incubators). These form an innovation economy that drives growth across the region and the UK.

Wales is producing technology for the future in advanced manufacturing, life sciences, clean tech and digital sectors. It offers great value for office and industrial space; over 700 multinational companies have established themselves there, including Toyota, GE, Sony and Airbus.

It has 8 enterprise zones across the country, providing a range of financial incentives in specific sectors; the Anglesey enterprise zone focuses on low-carbon energy. Tourism, in contrast, is a mature £5 billion industry in Wales; yet with 3 National Parks, 5 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and 1,400 kms of coast, it still offers vast opportunities for growth. 

For a welcoming business environment, diverse industries, vibrant cities, and stunning landscapes, Scotland is an ideal choice. Its tradition of innovation is matched by excellent supply chain infrastructure and networks, and a steady stream of talent with 21,000+ graduates from business-related courses and a further 16,000+ in computer sciences and technology per year.

Scotland is home to the world’s first tidal array, the world’s first floating offshore wind farm, and one of Europe’s largest hydrogen bus fleets. Meanwhile, Scottish digital health companies have built extensive data sets across multiple clinical pathways – patient-focused, digital solutions that are benefitting healthcare providers and patients around the world.

Working together, our communities have flourished through generations of success –
we have become more than the sum of our parts. Outward-looking and always warmly welcoming, we have reached out to like-minded communities across the Commonwealth and around the world – we have grown together.

We’re now inviting you to play your part in our next chapter, as we cherish the chance to play our part in yours. Explore our schedule, and discover everything our thriving nations and regions have to offer, and the many ways in which we can work together.

Northern Ireland offers more than just skilled people, competitive costs and great infrastructure; it’s a location that delivers altogether more for investors. It offers a workforce that is educated, innovative, resilient and results-driven – people who will go the extra mile to make sure your operation is a success.

Operating costs are up to 30% lower than other locations in the UK and Europe; and the region also offers 100% free, customised training and recruitment programmes for investors. Northern Ireland has 2 leading global universities, with strong collaborative networks between industry, government and academia, to support business growth and success … and the only land border with the rest of Europe.

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