OMICRON Webinar: 

How to perform precise line impedance measurements safely with CPC 100 & CP CU1?

March 23, 2022

*Qualified for 1 PDU by Professional Engineers Board (PEB) of Singapore


Obtaining accurate line impedance parameters are essential for the correct operation of distance protection relays of transmission lines. Conventional calculations of line impedance values are error prone because of the various assumption made during calculation. Accurate measurements of the sequence impedances allow you to collect data required to set the distance relays precisely with impedance values and the calculated k-factor. This will, therefore, enable more accurate settings of your distance protection relays.

In this webinar, Ms Khushbu Thakur will explain and demonstrate how precise impedance measurements can be performed with OMICRON CPC 100 and CP CU 1. She will also discuss how to interpret the collected results and select the relevant data for distance relay settings. Assessment of impedance-related relay settings will also be demonstrated with the use of OMICRON RelaySimTest Software.

Date: March 23, 2022 (Wednesday)
Time: 02:00 pm – 03:30 pm, Hong Kong Time (GMT +8)



  • K-factor theory for understanding of relay parameterization 
  • Examples of zone reaches due to inaccurate line impedance estimation 

  • Connecting the test set to a power line by following relevant safety procedures 

  • Performing line impedance measurement by using CPC 100 & CP CU1 

  • Interpreting the results of the line impedance measurement and get the relevant data for the distance relay settings 

  • Using RelaySimTest for the assessment of impedance-related relay settings 




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