Welcome to the 2019 Juliette Low Seminar event site



Welcome to the Juliette Low Seminar

The JLS has been bringing Girl Guides and Girl Scouts together since 1932. Now, it's your turn!
From 14th - 20th November 2019, hundreds of young people will share a unique international leadership adventure in 20 countries around the world. 

The JLS is an international leadership experience. Young people from over 100 countries will make new friends, get out of their comfort zone, connect with different cultures, exchange ideas on leadership and gender equality, and learn together.

This year we are piloting a new approach to this event. Instead of 60 participants (as in previous years), we will have over 500 young people participate. The JLS programme will run in up to 20 hub locations at the same time, giving participants at each hub location a chance to connect across borders both face to face and through technology. Every JLS hub will be an international, cross-cultural leadership development adventure. We are taking the very best of JLS and making it bigger! 

Event Details

Hub Locations

Find out more about the 20 hubs hosting the JLS. 

Pre & Post Tours

Meet new people and explore the region before and after your JLS experience. 

Lead Out Loud Challenge

Join in with the JLS (even if you are not attending the event) by completing the Lead Out Loud Challenge


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Our JLS 2019 Hosts

The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association